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We’re having a HOT SUMMER SALE!


The summer might already be here, but we’re hell bent on making it even HOTTER for you with a SCORCHING HOT SUMMER SALE! Save a scorching 2o% off everything in our catalog when you use the coupon code “HEAT” at checkout. It’s an extra savings on TOP of any automatic quantity discounts! Printed Comics, Digital Comics, […]



2017 is here at last, Class Comics Fans, and we’re kicking this awesome New Year off with a MASSIVE SALE!  Save a whopping 25% off everything in our catalog when you use the coupon code “2017” at checkout. That’s right, printed comics, digital comics, swag items like collector’s pins and magnets — EVERYTHING IN OUR […]

Watch QUICKIES episode 2 now!


The latest episode of our Class Comics QUICKIES series is now live on YOU TUBE, and it’s full of info and awesome new art. In this segment we discuss the release of MAKO FINN #2 and the controversy revolving around BYRON DURAND becoming Gateway City’s all-new NAKED JUSTICE.  ROBERT FRASER talks about the much-anticipated BEAUTIFUL […]



THE TORCH HAS BEEN PASSED!  Since the March 2016 STRIPSHOW episode, fans have been wondering what is up with Space Cadet and Naked Justice. The incredibly hung, ginger-haired hero shows up in Gateway City after a prolonged absence to make a very special request of his friend, Space Cadet.  The episode ends with NJ asking Byron […]