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SPACE CADET: The Complete Collection Trade Paperback IS HERE!


Hot off the press comes the incredible SPACE CADET: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION 208-page Trade Paperback! Published by Bruno Gmünder, this MASSIVE collection is a MUST HAVE for any Class Comics fan! And right now, Class Comics has 20 advance copies up for grabs — and they’re personally signed by PATRICK FILLION! They say heroes are born, not made. That isn’t the […]

THE LEGACY #1 is now available!


There’s something very strange in the woods just outside of Gateway City in THE LEGACY #1! Back in the 1950’s, Felix Himner, a.k.a. the incredibly hung NAKED JUSTICE, along with the help of British super team the UNRIVALED ALLIANCE, defeated the twisted DOCTOR SILVERFISH within his abandoned psychiatric hospital lair. Now, nearly a lifetime later, […]

SUPER CREEPS! is now available!


Class Comics is SUPER THRILLED to present the new digital Sticky Graphic Novel SUPER CREEPS! It’s a whopping SIXTY FOUR PAGES! It features art by Bo Revel and Script and art direction by Dale Lazarov. A crew of super-villains comes together to relieve a series of banks of their bank vaults. Everything goes to masterplan…except […]

WALKING BED now available from the Class Marketplace!


Zombie fans rejoice; WALKING BED #1 is now available as a CLASS MARKETPLACE EASY PDF Digital Edition!  Written and illustrated by ARTBYFAB, and presented by DOKKUN, this first issue, WALKING BED #1 is a deliciously raunchy Gay Porn Parody Comic that follows the adventures of Erick and Glenn, two sexy gay guys desperate to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  The […]

JOX: TREASURE HUNTER #3 is now available!


We’re extremely pleased to announce that JOX: Treasure Hunter #3 is now available! JOX is being HUNTED! The infamous Treasure Hunter’s pillaging of ancient crypts and sacred burial chambers has not gone unnoticed. Now a pissed-off party has employed the mysterious GANYMEDE, a super sexy assassin, to find and FINISH the ginger-haired Elf and his demon […]