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Felinoids #3, Porky #3 and Meaty #1, now available as Digital Comics!


New to Class Access this month are the long-awaited Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 and Porky #3, as well as Logan’s Festive Meaty #1 – The Christmas Special. Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 finds Camili-Cat fighting for his life and his people while Locus, Felicia and pals try to free their friend from the clutches of his bizarrely twisted sister, Mina. […]

DEIMOS #2 hot off the press!


The wait is over at last, and DEIMOS #2 is hot off the press and NOW SHIPPING! Patrick Fillion and Logan have teamed up again for this issue to deliver a powerhouse story with incredibly hot art. As our story begins, Deimos gets a “message” from Azagoth in the form of Rusty’s headless corpse. It’s […]

LOCUS #1 in the works!


A few months back, Patrick asked his fans a question via his website: Do you think Locus should get his own book?  The positive response was overwhelming, and now Patrick has begun work on LOCUS #1. After several months of hard, intensive work writing and illustrating Zahn #2, Patrick felt the need to work on […]

ZAHN #2 Now Shipping!


ZAHN #2 is hot off the press, and looks absolutely FANTASTIC! The second issue of the hit series is nothing short of brilliant and finds the Son of Winter striving to save Varda, his beloved homeland from destruction.  Along the way, Zahn meets new friends, and begins to uncover answers concerning his elusive past.  But […]