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Angelface #2 NOW SHIPPING!


At last, Benoit Prevot’s ANGELFACE #2 is now shipping from Class Comics! The series follows the exploits of Alan, also called “Angelface” because of his striking good looks, and his lover/partner in crime, Red.  Both small time crooks, the boys finally hit the jackpot when they rob a famous London Jeweler.  But Alan is nothing […]

NEW Class Comics Trading Cards!


If you liked the Bottom Deck collector’s cards, then you’re gonna LOVE this awesome new set of 15 wicked CLASS COMICS UNIVERSE HEROES trading cards. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this exciting new Website Exclusive! These cards are limited to 1000 Decks and not available in stores! Each set is enclosed in an […]

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Entries

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest

Check out the completely awesome entries that readers have submitted to Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek!  You might want to make your browser full screen to realy enjoy them! Remember that every entry will be judged on the concept and not just the presentation. The ideas behind the costume count in a huge way! Each entry also goes […]

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest!

Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Contest

How often do you have the chance to create a superhero? Well, this is it!  Help us to Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek! The Gay Comic Geek, Fanboys of the Universe and Class Comics have teamed up to bring you one super contest that will get your (creative) juices flowing! Your job is to design your vision of a unique costume […]