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A glimpse into Ridehard!We’re so excited to be launching both a brand new genre of comic for Class Comics and a brand new artist too! Ridehard #1 is available both as a Print Edition and as a Digital Edition!

Please join us in getting excited for the release of the action loaded, spy on spy, thrill-filled comic called RIDEHARD, written and illustrated by ALEXANDER! It’s a perfect homage to the James Bond recipe, while still being fresh and creative… and VERY HOT!

Is it possible to have one comic include a super horny super agent, an evil mastermind with hung henchmen, multi-function watches, martinis and rocket shooting Aston Martins? Yes it is! And much more too!

The story focuses on the main character, British Army Cadet RidehardGreat Britain’s newest (and hottest!) spy, and how he came to be.

A glimpse into Ridehard! In the sensational first issue, we find our fresh cadet already in a sticky situation – captured and ‘orally drugged’ with a truth serum, enabling the villains (and the reader) to learn about his journey to becoming a spy.

After a fateful meeting with Mr. Johnson, Director of the Royal Intelligence Ministry (RIM), Alex accepts a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the undercover organisation.

He soon discovers an exciting new world of high-tech gadgets and gizmos – and a horny young office boy with the hots for the hard faced and hard dicked Director.

Armed with tactical combat knowledge and an amazing array of gadgetry, Agent Ridehard prepares himself for his first explosive mission – to save all of Europe from the dastardly Dr. Voyeur, an evil madman with his eye on world domination!

Ridehard is packed with originality, fun gadgets & toys, great art, hot sex and plenty of danger! The art is dynamic and extremely sexy, and the story is mind blowingly exciting! Alexander, who you can stay in touch with on his Facebook Page, has created an incredibly rich world where espionage merges man on man action with man on man action.

“He could draw before he could walk…” It was a phrase I always heard whenever anyone would ask my family about my drawing ability.

It’s true to say some of my earliest memories are of me laying on the lounge floor with pens and paper in hand, drawing (always from memory) my favourite television and comic book characters.

I’d dream of one day writing and drawing a comic book of my own and spend many hours safe indoors and pencil in hand, creating characters and plotting adventures, ignoring the familiar voices saying “you should be outside playing”.

Then as the years passed by and puberty kicked in, I soon discovered another love other than superheroes and action figures….. Men! Cut to the present day and not that much has changed. I still love comic books, action figures, sic-fi and action films, drawing and of course, men.

And I still dream of drawing and writing my own comic books – except now instead of creating stories of daring young spies with fantastic gadgets and dastardly villains, I dream of creating stories of daring young spies with fantastic gadgets and dastardly villains…. who love hot, hardcore, sweaty man-on-man sex!  Though I guess it’s no longer a dream now….  - Alexander

Alexander currently resides in Liverpool, England (home of The Beatles!) with his partner of 5 years and a rather large, and much loved, collection of Batman memorabilia.

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