Butch McLogic

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Butch McLogic is the creative mastermind behind Tug Harder. Tug is a comic series about a photographer working for a Gay pin-up magazine, who goes undercover as a farmhand, hoping to snap some candid “real men” shots of his fellow farmers!

Butch may be a new comer to Class Comics and to the field of male erotic art, but one thing is clear; this is an artist who makes a strong impression! With a distinctive illustrative style, a powerful sense of art direction and a gift for storytelling, Butch is certain to make waves.

Very little else is known about Butch McLogic, but we presume that he is as randy and man-hungry as his horny comic creations! We also believe that Tug Harder is his auto-biographical oeuvre.

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For more info on Butch and his male erotic art, please visit the official Butch McLogic website.