Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is in production!

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Well it’s official: Patrick Fillion is currently hard at work on the long anticipated final chapter of the Camili-Cat: Felinoids series. Issue #3 is starting to take shape, and this has the fans and everyone at Class Comics really excited.

When asked about the story for Felinoids #3, Patrick had this to say. “Felinoids #3 is a story I’ve always known how to conclude. Writing it has come easily, and that’s because I know exactly where I want Cam to go from this point on. It’ll be a new place; one that no longer has him asking “am I the last of my kind?” The Felinoids series already answered that. He now knows that some of his people have survived the war that devastated their home world! That’s really going to change him as a character.”

We can expect to see some familiar faces in this book, such as Locus, Felicia, as well as Captain Jung, Flamer and Disco, the three Bounty Hunters Patrick introduced in Rapture #3. But we will also be treated to a whole whack of new Felinoids — all sorts of different ones: Striped ones, spotted ones (you can see a few of them in the pic posted above!)– it’s going to be a visual orgy for the yes by the time Patrick is through with this book.

We’ll keep you posted on Patrick’s progress, but we expect to see this title hit the stores by the end of 2008.

For more of Patrick’s thoughts on Felinoids #3, check out this article which he posted on his Blog, Boytoons Magazine.

8 thoughts on “Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is in production!

  1. Patrick:

    You’ve just made a dream come true,… more Felinoids!
    I can’t wait to see the new characters!!!!
    LOVE, the Snow leopard guy,… what’s his name?

    Oh, My!!!
    You just tripped my trigger.

    xoxoxo, Chuck

  2. I am excited about this, but are you only doing uncut guys now?

  3. Hey there Chuck…

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm! :oD Thanks for the great comment! The Snow Leopard Felinoid’s name is Calloway! He’s SOOOO much fun to draw. I’m glad you enjoyed the image of him!

    Have a great one and thanks again for stopping by!

    Hugz + kisses,

  4. Hey Matthew…

    Glad you’re looking forward to Felinoids #3, and don’t worry — I am still drawing cut guys too! It just happened that all the Felinoids on this promo image are all uncircumcised. LOL!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Gah! they are all hot, but the panther is sooo sexy :O

  6. Damn, the blonde one on the right is extremely sexy

  7. Hey Nick…

    Thanks so much! That’s Imanno! He puts Cam through his paces in Felinoids #3! Heh! Heh! Heh!

    Glad you like ‘im!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  8. Hey Josh…

    That’s Vonn… and I think he’s pretty hot too. I think it’s the chocolate body with the contrast of the blond hair! Yummy! LOL!

    Thanks for the comment!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

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