Carlos García

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Carlos García is a Graphic Artist and Journalist from Venezuela.  Since the beginning of his Graphic Design studies, back in the 90’s, he knew drawing was his strongest ability. This is why he has managed to work for a number of clients, including newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies and children books.Working full time as an Illustrator in a daily newspaper, he earned a Mass Communications License, so his career soon turned from Illustrator to information media Graphics Designer.

In 2006 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he resumed his work in illustration, working as a freelance artist for an economics magazine, children books and encyclopedias, and in comics, a world unknown to him until then.

He has developed and created all the designs and art for Brother to Dragons, from concept design for characters and locations, to inks, layout design and digital coloring, taking advantage of his experience in children´s illustration.

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