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Real Name: Deimos
Aliases: Taro Demon, My Lord, Master,
Occupation: Heaven’s warrior. Deimos is a fallen angel attempting to earn Heaven’s forgiveness.
Base of Operations: The All Things Asian restaurant, Gateway City.
Place of Birth: Inapplicable.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Group Affiliation: Agent of Heaven, former demon of Hell.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 225 lbs.
Skin: Violet.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black
Penis: 13 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Deimos #0 (2004)
Origin: Deimos #0
Current Appearances: Deimos #0, Deimos #1, Rapture #3

Deimos was one of the angels that followed Lucifer into Hell after the Prince of Lies was cast from Heaven by God himself. For millennia, Deimos did the Dark Lord’s bidding, wreaking havoc on Earth and perpetrating chaos whenever and wherever he could.

Deimos earned himself a name as one of Hell’s most brutal and heinous agents. It was not long before his exploits became legend in the world of mortal men, and soon the demon had legions of devoted followers, all willing to die for their evil lord.

Over the years, his heart became less and less enthralled with the lure of evil, and ultimately Deimos began to feel remorse, longing for his days as an angel. Precisely what precipitated this change in Deimos is unclear, but it is believed that this occurred as a result of falling in love with a fellow demon named Sethan. Love allegedly tempered the evil in Deimos’ heart, and awakened the good that lay dormant within him.

Soon he began to seek a way to reclaim his halo and wings. Being at war with Hell, Heaven was less than forgiving, but offered Deimos the opportunity to prove that he had indeed changed. His halo was returned, but the demon was told that to earn back his wings, he would have to battle the forces of Hell on Earth, all in the name of Heaven.

Although Deimos is determined to do good and fight evil in the name of Heaven, he is still a demon. This means that his approach to “doing good” and carrying out his missions is sometimes drastic and extreme. Deimos hopes that his good deeds will eventually earn him complete absolution, but despite this hope, he realizes that there is a long and hard road ahead of him.

In order to guide Deimos in his missions on Earth, Heaven sent him a guardian Angel named Cardinal. As liaison between Deimos and Heaven, Cardinal is charged with assisting Deimos whenever he can. Upon arriving on Earth however, Cardinal was apprehended by remnants of the cult that once worshipped Deimos. Their intent was to return Deimos to his evil ways by tricking him into killing Cardinal.

Though Deimos enjoyed fucking the Angel’s virgin ass, he did refrain from slaying him, and eventually freed him from the cultists, with the help of his trusted friend, the shaman called Billy. The trio escaped relatively unscathed, and Deimos remains ever ready to fight in the name of Heaven.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Deimos has all the abilities typical of his breed of demon. This includes heightened senses, speed, strength and agility. It is uncertain if he possesses any sort of arcane abilities beyond this.

Deimos’ companion and weapon of choice is the Grinn Reaper. The Grinn Reaper is a demonic entity that is able to assume the form of any weapon it chooses. While the Reaper does not comprehend Deimos’ desire to earn Heaven’s forgiveness, it respects its master’s decision. The Reaper and Deimos have an almost telepathic rapport, which permits the Reaper to assume the form of the weapon Deimos requires on a moment’s notice.

A fierce warrior, Deimos is well skilled in hand to hand combat and revels in using brute force whenever he can. His brute strength is tempered only by his not inconsiderable intelligence and street smarts. Deimos is well aware of the world he lives in, and knows its ins and outs. This serves him well in battle and calling upon this knowledge has often resulted in his emerging victorious in battle.

6 thoughts on “Deimos

  1. Wow! that synopsis sounds good, I wish that i would simply go to a bookstore at my country and buy a copy, but no northamerican gay comics arrive (need to buy them online, but i’m of closet jaja).

    Wish you the best logan, I like what you draw! ;-)

  2. I think a mini site should be made for Deimos.

  3. Hey there Gabo…

    Thanks so much for your comment, my friend. It was much appreciated by everyone here at Class Comics.

    We are currently working on a way to make our comics more widely available. Who knows — with any luck, we may be able to get some your way.

    Take care, and thanks again for the kind words!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  4. Hello Pecpet…

    Thanks so much for stopping by. With Deimos #2 in production, I can pretty much guarantee that a Deimos mini-site will be created to help promote the series. I just can’t give an accurate release date for the second issue or the mini-site just yet — but know that we are working on both!

    Thanks again for the great comment.
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Deimos is by far my favorite Class Comics Character! He is damned sexy (pun very much intended), enthralling to look at in almost every way, and somehow manages to still have depth and mystery to him. Ive read Deimos 0-2, and i still feel like theres more to him, and cant wait to find out! discovering more about him is just as delicious as….certain other things of his are sure to be :)

    Thank you Class Comics for such an engaging character!


  6. kudos to the digital comics! I wonder, tho, if they will ever be read on a mobile application such as iPhone or iPad..?

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