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Real Name: Bruno Ragetti
Aliases: Devil Dong
Occupation: Owner of the One Eyed Snake Nightclub, stripper, Guardian of the Cube and adventurer.
Base of Operations: Gateway city, the One Eyed Snake Nightclub and Darque Manor.
Place of Birth: Gateway City
Known Relatives: Eric Ragetti, a.k.a. Incubus (son), Beverly Ragetti (ex-wife), Pascale Dimorne (wife), Unborn child.
Group Affiliation: The Guardians of the Cube
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, with some emerging bi-sexual tendencies
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 233 lbs.
Eyes: amber
Hair: black
Penis: 11 inches, cut
First Appearance: Guardians of the Cube #1, volume 1 (1995)
Current Appearances: Guardians of the Cube #1, Guardians of the Cube #2, Guardians of the Cube #3, Guardians of the Cube #4, Guardians of the Cube #5, Satisfaction Guaranteed #3, Satisfaction Guaranteed #4, Boytoon Adventures #1, Striptease #1

Bruno Ragetti lived a happy life with his wife Beverly and their young son, Eric. The couple owned an apartment in the city, and each held good, solid jobs. But Bruno wanted more out of life, and desperately wanted to be his own boss. Against Beverly’s wishes, Bruno quit his job and purchased a nightclub. Business was poor and the bank was threatening to foreclose when Bruno, desperate to keep the One Eyed Snake, decided he needed a gimmick. He began to headline at the club as a stripper, putting on elaborate shows, which soon became the talk of the town. Business boomed, but at a cost: Beverly left Bruno and took their young son with her.

Shortly thereafter, Bruno received a visit from the mysterious Jeanne Darque. She told the skeptical Bruno that he had been chosen to receive the Gift of Power. Bruno soon realized she spoke the truth when the Cube transformed him into Diablo as he performed on stage.

During his initial service as a Guardian of the Cube, Diablo met officier Pascale DiMorne, an ally of the Guardians. The two of them fell in love and dated throughout Diablo’s career as an adventurer.

Diablo served as Darque’s right hand man for several years, until a severe altercation between him and fellow Guardian, Jon Dazy led him to resign his powers as Diablo. As an unexpected side effect of this, his powers were passed along to his now 18 year old son, Eric. Eric Ragetti became Incubus, and assumed his father’s place as a Guardian of the Cube.

Now human again, Bruno Ragetti was free to lead a normal life. He and Pascale were wed in a quiet ceremony, and months later, Pascale announced that she was pregnant.

Bruno had no plans to ever become Diablo again, but in recently, the Guardians of the Cube have fallen on difficult times, and Numa, newly appointed leader of the Guardians, approached Bruno to see if he would consider resuming his powers and identity as Diablo. Given the Guardian’s current circumstances, Bruno accepted and Numa used the Cube to transform him into Diablo anew.

This did not affect Incubus’ powers, and as a result, father and son now have very similar abilities. It is not yet certain if their powers differ in any way.

Diablo has returned to the Guardians of the Cube but hopes he can manage to keep his personal life and family separate from his adventures as a super hero.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
As Diablo, Bruno possesses incredible physical strength, as well as heightened senses, speed and agility. He is able to breathe flame that he can direct at his foes.

When Bruno Ragetti was first transformed into the crimson-skinned Diablo, he was unable to revert to his human form. In later years however, Bruno learned better control over his powers, and was able to manipulate his physical form. He was able to revert to his human form at will, and as Diablo he was also capable of growing wings that permitted him to fly at up to moderate speeds.

Diablo possesses the ability to literally siphon the evil from other beings, and store it within his own person. However, he was never truly able to master this ability, and the results of using this power can be quite unpredictable. Depending on the amount of evil he absorbs, he can become adversely affected by it. The evil can transform Diablo into a monstrous creature, capable of great destruction. Because of this, Diablo prefers not to call upon this power very often.

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