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Real Name: Zahn
Occupation: Barbarian, elemental
Base of Operations: mobile throughout the land of Varda
Place of Birth: The village Mazudun in the land of Varda
Known Relatives: Xom (brother) Elib (grandfather)
Group Affiliation: none
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 232 lbs.
Eyes: silver
Hair: salt and pepper
Penis: 10 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Zahn #1 (2008)
Current Appearances: Zahn #1, Striptease #1, Boytoon Adventures #1

Soon after leaving his village to embark on a vision quest, the young Barbarian called Zahn is ambushed by the dreaded Harpy Men. He nearly perishes at their hands, but is rescued by a mysterious Genie. The Genie, also called the Blue Man heals the barbarian, and months later, Zahn awakens atop Mount Surazule with no memory of his past. He finds that he now possesses strange new powers.

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of the dreaded Almesti, Zahn journeyed to the township of Pennloap hoping for a meal and a good night’s sleep. He got much more than that. There het met Jonah, who had supposedly been Zahn’s lover in months passed, and who had allegedly been waiting for Zahn to rejoin him.

Naturally Zahn was intrigued, deciding that Jonah might be able to fill him in on his past and help him regain his memory. Realizing that his lover was genuinely amnesiac, Jonah agreed to help Zahn remember the relationship they had both enjoyed. After a passionate night of hot sex, Zahn and Jonah decided to journey back to their home village, figuring that a familiar setting might bring Zahn’s memory back.

Upon arriving at the village, Zahn and Jonah found nothing but death and destruction. Their home had been obliterated by strange beasts with glistening hides. Zahn swore then and there that he would avenge his people.

Now the fate of Varda lies in his hands and Zahn must seek out and destroy this great new evil that threatens to obliterate his beloved homeland.

Powers and Paraphernalia:
Zahn possess complete control over the forces of winter. He can summon great, violent winds to freeze his opponents dead in their tracks. Using those same winds, he can carry himself aloft, and even “fly”, employing the wind currents to propel himself. Since he is relatively new at this, the maximum speeds at which he can travel have yet to be ascertained.

Zahn can cause the temperature of the area he occupies to drop far below freezing. The maximum radius of this ability remains to be determined.

He can project shards of ice, boulders of snow or ice rain, all of which make remarkable weapons and can subdue most foes easily. He is also capable of creating thick ice shields which can deflect several projectiles and protect him from fire attacks.

Depending on the degree to which Zahn employs his powers, his physical form will begin to ice over. This is apparently not harmful to Zahn, and is simply a resulting side effect of using his powers.

Zahn is completely impervious to the cold and can withstand drastic drops in temperature and pressure. This is presumably essential to his ability to employ his powers.

Zahn carries a Barbarian’s spiked war club. This club is forged of metal and is highly durable. He also wears a pouch on his belt which carries currency and small food stuffs. Since he is impervious to cold, he chooses to wear very little in the way of clothing. Whether being nearly nude becomes a hindrance when in battle remains to be seen.

Allies and companions:
Zahn travels with Jonah, an exotic dancer who claims that he and Zahn were once lovers. Though Zahn trusts Jonah, he remains cautious as a small part of him cannot help but question Jonah’s story.

While in the township of Pennloap, Zahn met and adopted a small gray cat named Maymay. She accompanies him everywhere.

Soon after leaving Pennloap, Zahn and Jonah were ambushed by a Violer beast. It was then that Maymay revealed her true nature as a warrior woman living under a curse. Maymay lives out most of her life as a cat, but when danger is near, she can become human again, and leap into action.

She was cursed in this way when she put on a pair of magical warrior gauntlets. She can never remove these gauntlets, but on the upside, they serve as formidable weapons when she is called into battle.

Maymay is Zahn’s familiar and is completely loyal to him. She would lay down her life for him and protects and assists him in every way she can.