Striptease – Book Release

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Vancouver, BC – Class Comics Inc.

Class Comics is proud to announce its final comic book title for the year 2008.

Striptease collects ALL of Patrick Fillion’s one-page comic strips together in one sexy volume. Some of the strips have appeared on Fillion’s website, while a ton of material is new, created specifically for this book.

Join Camili-Cat, Zahn, Locus, Lanor, Space Cadet, and many other of your favorite Class Comic Boytoons in these incredibly hot and raunchy adventures. Along the way, you will also meet new Boytoons, appearing for the very first time in this volume. It features a very important Zahn three part short story, which serves as a prequel to the up-coming Zahn #2.

Striptease is light-hearted, horny and all in good fun, but don’t be fooled, it’s not without substance. There are some very important moments in this title. Some of the stories touched on will have serious impacts on the Class Comics Universe.

Fans of Fillion’s work will undoubtedly appreciate that Striptease rounds out the Fillion collection of comics as it contain several pieces that were previously never available in print. This is some of Fillion’s most fanciful work. The stories range from silly to serious, but are always incredibly erotic.

To learn more about Striptease and to enjoy some preview pages, wallpapers and other goodies, check out the official Striptease Mini Site!

Written and Illustrated by Patrick Fillion $9.00 DCID DEC083877 ISBN: 978-1-897102-42-8

About Class Comics Inc.

Class Comics is an independent comic book publisher that has managed to capture the imagination of thousands of readers who have hungered for quality gay erotic comics since they first fantasized about the contents of Spider-Man’s tights.

While erotic, our comics focus on story, characters, cutting edge art and quality production! In addition to publishing our own in-house titles, we have a growing number of artists and writers that we love to work with.

Recently creators such as Benoît Prévot, Logan, Zan Christensen, Mark Brill, Max’, HvH, François Peneaud, Carlos García, Ismael Alvarez and Butch McLogic have teamed up with us to further diversify the gay comic book fan’s reading choices. And we have more on the way!

Our comics are available directly through our website, as well as through your local GLBT bookstore and favorite comic book shop. Ask for us by name… you’ll be glad you did!

Our Press Info section includes many web ready images and promotional art from Striptease. Please feel free to use this material to help us spread the word about this terrific new title. Let us know if there is anything else you might need to promote or stock this book.

Contact us:

[email protected] or download press packs: WWW.CLASSCOMICS.COM/PRESS
Class Comics Inc. 21092 RPO Westwood Plateau, Coquitlam BC V3E 3P9 Canada

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