Porky 3 – Book Release

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Vancouver, BC – Class Comics Inc.

Class Comics is proud to present the third volume of Logan’s smash-hit series, Porky! It features a diverse all-male cast, amazingly hot and raunchy illustrations and a very captivating story. Fans of larger guys and bears will love this series, but Porky has something for everyone!

Things slowly go from bad to worse for Porky and his family. Soon after being released from Prison, Porky’s father falls prey to the evil Controller. While he struggles with the forces manipulating him, he may not be strong enough to resist.

Meanwhile in the college basement, Porky busies himself with both his best friend and the “ex-marine” school janitor at once. After his fun is concluded, Porky receives a shocking revelation and an amulet of power as a gift from an old friend.

The storylines collide as Uncle Mark comes face to face with an altered McCormick and Porky’s father confronts his son. Can Porky understand all that is happening to him before the Controller harms everyone he loves?

With such a scorching third volume, we can’t wait to see what happens in the next edition! Check out the preview pages, wallpapers & other goodies at the official Mini Site!

NEW LOWER PRICE! BOOK #3 – 24 Pages – $7.99 – ISBN 978-1-897102-44-2

About Class Comics Inc.

Class Comics is an independent comic book publisher that has managed to capture the imagination of thousands of readers who have hungered for quality erotic gay comics since they first fantasized about the contents of Spider-Man’s tights.

While erotic, our comics focus on story, characters, cutting edge art and quality production! In addition to publishing our own in-house titles, we have a growing number of artists and writers that we love to work with.

Recently creators such as Jacob Mott, Benoît Prévot, Logan, Zan Christensen, Mark Brill, Max’, HvH, François Peneaud, Carlos García, Ismael Alvarez and Butch McLogic have teamed up with us to further diversify the gay comic book fan’s reading choices. And we have more on the way!

Our comics are available directly through our website, as well as through your local GLBT bookstore and favorite comic book shop. Ask for us by name… you’ll be glad you did!

Our Press Info section includes text, web ready images and promotional art. Please feel free to use this material to help us spread the word about this terrific new title. Let us know if there is anything else you might need to promote or stock this book.

Contact us:

[email protected] or download press packs: WWW.CLASSCOMICS.COM/PRESS
Class Comics Inc. 21092 RPO Westwood Plateau, Coquitlam BC V3E 3P9 Canada

3 thoughts on “Porky 3 – Book Release

  1. I just love and adore porky. He is such the guy I would love to be with minus the sharing. Dialogue and illustration is great. Keep up the good work. I want to see more. Oh, could you make even the new releases digital? I just hate to wait .

  2. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for the kind words. We’re all very glad you enjoy Porky as much as you do. We also think it’s a great series. LOL! :)

    As for the digital releases, we do keep new books a year before we release them digitally for two reasons. 1 we are trying to release as much of our back catalog in digital format as possible. 2, it permits the print edition on new books to have their day in the sun. But hopefully, the wait only makes things that much sweeter when you do get them digitally. Thanks again for writing.

    All the best to you!
    Alexis :)

  3. i’ve never been turned on by a comic like i have porky. i’ve shot load after load flipping through the pages. keep em cumming! keep ME cumming!

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