Porky and Sworn series MINI SITES now LIVE!

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Soon to be released are Logan’s highly anticipated Porky #3 and the first issue of a brand new series called Sworn, written by C.J. Evans and illustrated by Silvano.

To celebrate the imminent release of these two fantastic new issues, we’ve put together two brand new Mini Sites!

The Sworn Mini Site introduces you to Calais and Slammer, a couple of young super-powered guys who are sworn enemies.  Each belongs to a team of superhumans that has vowed to destroy the other.  So what happens when Calais and Slammer unexpectedly fall in love with one another?  Can they keep their relationship a secret?  They’d better damn well hope so, or there will be Hell to pay.


The Porky Mini Site covers the first three issues of the smash series, providing a cum-drenched preview of the upcoming Porky #3.  Logan’s favorite white trash hero gets in way over his head this time, as Porky begins to realize that he has a special destiny to embark on.  Meanwhile, the evil Controller wants him dead, and will stop at nothing to destroy his life.


As with all our Mini Sites, these feature a ton of cool stuff, like character bios, series overviews, free previews and great wallpaper designs for your computer.  Be sure to check them both out and we will keep you posted with official release dates for Porky #3 and Sworn #1.

2 thoughts on “Porky and Sworn series MINI SITES now LIVE!

  1. Sworn #1 has one character say to another “Just breath”. Doesn’t anyone know how to spell “breathe”?

    In such good gay art, you really SHOULD spell all of the words right. It’s in page 4 of 5 in the preview.

  2. Hello David…

    Thanks for your concern. We try very hard to keep on top of typos, but sometimes it happens that we miss the occasional one. Nobody’s perfect.

    All the best to you!
    Alexis :)

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