5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!

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5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!
5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!

New this month, there’s 5 brand new CLASS ACCESS digital comics ready for you to download directly to your computer.

Get your hands on the Class Access Exclusive title, CUBE: DECOMPILED.  This book features the essential highlights of the entire Guardians of the Cube series!  Most of these pages are in full color for the very first time. Also includes character bios of all the key series players.

Discover the fun filled Yaoi Diplomatic Immunity!  This title features Cam and Lanor like you’ve never seen them.  It’s a very special issue written by Gynocrat and illustrated by Kheelan.

Logan fans will be pleased to learn that Deimos #1 and Porky #2 are also available.  While Deimos fights an evil cult that used to worship him, Porky takes one step closer to his ultimate destiny.

And last but not least, check out our first ever digital “Best Of” selection in Ecstasy #1! It pulls from Satisfaction Guaranteed #1 and #3 and Naked Justice #2!  This is a Class Access exclusive you won’t want to miss.

As always, every fifth comic in each order is free. Just make sure to include it in the shopping cart.

2 thoughts on “5 new CLASS ACCESS digital comics now available!

  1. you have so many DIGITAL comics, i don’t want digital!! doesn’t seem to be much seperation. hard to tell which is and which isn’t.can you suggest an easy way to seperate said items,so that when i make an order i don’t have any digital items!! you show 5 new items, but there all digital!! no new “comics” to send me. please tell me initiation 2 will be as #1,in book form (tangable) somehow my PUTER doesn’t want to show me much digital!!love you guys. keep up the good work!! maybe the fact that i’m 78 plays a littttttle part in my PUTER workings love clay cote’

  2. Hello Clayton.

    A good way to separate the Digital books from the printed books is to use the “Titles and Products” tab located at the upper left portion of the catalog page, just below our banner. That should help make things sightly easier for ya. I know it does for me! :)

    I am certain you will be thrilled to learn that the Initiation #2 has been released. The book is fantastic, and if you enjoyed the first issue, I am certain you will absolutely love this second one.

    Many thanks for your very kind words.
    All the best to you!
    Alexis :)

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