Felinoids #3 is NOW SHIPPING!

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The final Class Comics release of 2009 is now shipping!

CAMILI-CAT: FELINOIDS #3, the book you have been waiting for is finally here. It’s a senses-shattering, spunk-drenched conclusion to the smash hit Felinoids series, and it’s ALL FILLION in his trademark classic style.

Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is all PATRICK FILLION in his sexy, classic art style! Now shipping from Class Comics.
Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3 is all PATRICK FILLION in his sexy, classic art style! This highly anticipated title is now shipping from Class Comics.

Camili-Cat’s quest to find other survivors of the Felinoid race is over.  The planet Pillahr is populated by a number of horny, hung Felinoids.

Soon Cam is reunited with Mina, the younger sister he thought he’d lost years before. But this reunion is anything but rosy.  Mina isn’t the sister Cam remembers.  She has blossomed into a flower of pure evil and blames Cam for the horrors she suffered as a child.

Now it’s up to Locus, Felicia, Lanor, Jung and his crew to save Cam from the clutches of his insane sibling.  Can they get to him before Mina gets her revenge? Find out in this amazing, highly anticipated conclusion to one of the most important chapters in Camili-Cat’s life.

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    That’s kinda the reason we love it XD

  2. wow! what a wonderful comics!

    It’ii be nice partner at alone tonight

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