3 NEW Digital Comics!

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New Class Access Titles!

New to Class Access this month is “Striptease #1”, “Rapture #3” and the Class Access Exclusive title “Straight to… #1” by artist Nicolas Brunet.

Who doesn’t fantasize about getting a hot straight guy to go gay? It’s the primary goal of everyone in Straight to… #1!

Striptease #1 is a hot collection of Patrick Fillion’s popular 1-page mini comic strips and features Class Comics faves like Camili-Cat, Zahn and Diablo.

Rapture #3 is a fantastic trilogy of erotic stories illustrated by Patrick Fillion, Eric Mars and Spubba the Mad. See Deimos battle the vile demon Marmadjon! Behold Space Cadet take on the villainous Icecap! Ogle as Ghostboy gets his balls back!

Don’t miss a single title! Now Available for MAC and PC.

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  1. When will Sworn #2 be published and available for purchase? I love your works.

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