First Look: Space Cadet #1.

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Your first look at Class Comics' up-coming Space Cadet #1.

His mini series has been announces since the end of his short story in Rapture #3.  Now the heroic SPACE CADET is about to make his very own series debut, and we have an exclusive look at his first issue for you.

Space Cadet #1 picks up immediately after the events of “the Great Satyr Caper” story, which concluded in Rapture #3.  The satyr called Vallan needs a hero to save his people from the evil Baron Von Phallus and Space Cadet is perfect for the job.  Together, they travel to Ordovica, a mystical realm and the home of the Satyrs, hoping to defeat the oppressive Baron.

Of course, things don’t go according to plan, and Space Cadet finds himself separated from Vallan, left to fend for himself in a strange and hostile land.

Space Cadet #1 is written by Patrick Fillion and is filled with adventure, heroics and cum-soaked sex scenes.  Patrick also created 4 brand new and extremely hot pieces of art for the front, back, and inside covers of this very special issue.

The interior story art is drawn by Class Comics newcomer, Bob Grey.  Bob’s beautifully whimsical style is perfect for this book.  It’s at once sensual, sexual and magical making it a perfect combination for a story that takes our hero to a land of pure magic.

Look for Space Cadet #1 to be available very soon.  We’ll announce a release date shortly.  For more info on Space Cadet, check out his official Character Bio, updated just this month!

The official cover to Class Comics' up-coming Space Cadet #1. Art by Patrick Fillion.
Space Cadet #1, page 03. Art by Bob Grey. Story by Patrick Fillion.
Space Cadet #1, page 04. Art by Bob Grey. Story by Patrick Fillion.
Space Cadet #1, page 11. Art by Bob Grey. Story by Patrick Fillion.
Space Cadet #1, page 14. Art by Bob Grey. Story by Patrick Fillion.
The evil Baron Von Phallus. Art by Bob Grey.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Space Cadet #1.

  1. wow, just wow. this preview convinced me even more, space cadet is one sexy hunky man!


  2. ..i luv big black cocks…and the white hair is hot!

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