Stéphane Sol

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Real Name: Stéphane Solando
Occupation: Former Circus performer, former Callboy for the SG Corp., now Operating CEO of the SG Corp.
Base of Operations: Gateway city
Place of Birth: Marseille, France
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Satisfaction Guaranteed Corporation (SG Corp.)
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 172 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: naturally black, dyed blue, including his body hair
Penis: 10 inches, uncut
First Appearance: Satisfaction Guaranteed #2 (1998)

Current Appearances: Satisfaction Guaranteed #2, 3 and #4, Stéphane’s Funhouse of Fornication #1 (coming 2010)


A bohemian and a nomad, the silver-tongued Stéphane Solando wandered the Marseille countryside in his youth, searching for adventure and excitement in life.  Having no family ties of any kind, he was free to come and go as he pleased, travelling from town to town.  To survive, he did odd jobs here and there, but was always careful not to form any attachments for fear such emotional investments could hamper his vagabond ways.

Eventually, Stéphane found employment with a traveling Circus as a caretaker and handyman.  He had always been very skilled with his hands and this seemed like a good way to make a little money.  The owner of the Circus was quite taken with Stéphane’s natural masculine beauty, and eventually offered to pay him a lot more if he would agree to become one of the Circus’ resident clowns.

This intrigued Stéphane.  He liked the idea of disguising himself behind the makeup, essentially creating a new identity for himself.  It very much appealed to his whimsical nature.  He agreed and the sexy clown called Stéphane Sol was born.

Stéphane became infamous throughout France.  He would don his makeup, and very little else for his performances, thereby accentuating his perfectly chiseled physique and ample, uncircumcised endowment.

Men and women flocked from all over Europe to see the sensual clown in person.  Stéphane loved the attention, and happily accepted to bed some of the wealthier patrons of the Circus for considerable amounts of cash.  He always did so in complete clown makeup.  One such patron was David Laburnum of the SG Corp. who did not fail to take note of Stéphane’s beauty and prowess as a lover.

Sex with rich patrons earned Stéphane a small fortune, but just as he was about to leave the Circus in search of his next adventure, fate intervened.

A freak accident during one of Stéphane’s performances led to a bizarre discovery.  One night during his show, Stéphane got too close to an elephant who was not as well trained as some of the other performing beasts.  The Elephant was unexpectedly spooked and trampled Stéphane, breaking the clown’s arm in the process.  Though his bones were broken in several places, Stéphane was amazed to realize he felt no pain.  Indeed he began to realize that he had never truly felt any pain at all throughout his life.

Doctors puzzled over this strange development, and soon, Stéphane became the object of a different kind of attention.  Feeling overwhelmed and smothered by Doctors wanting to study him and run numerous tests, he began to look for a way out.

That was when he was contacted by David Laburnum.  The SG Corp executive offered to hire Stéphane as a Callboy for his company and pay him obscene amounts of money for his services, in full clown makeup of course.  But more importantly, he offered to relocate Stéphane to Gateway City, thereby providing him a way to leave France.

Stéphane accepted without hesitation.

As a Callboy, he was extremely successful, and his inability to feel pain made him very popular with clients into S&M.  But soon after making the move to Gateway City, Stéphane began to realize that Laburnum was not the savior he once professed to be.  As an employer, Laburnum was cold and unkind to all of his subordinates, but for some reason, Stéphane seemed to fly under his radar most, if not, all of the time.  Stéphane, vowed someday to see the tyrant removed from his position at the SG Corp.

During his years with the company, Stéphane developed a strong friendship with fellow Callboy, Dane Bernier.  Eventually, Dane’s contract was bought out by Nathan Willows, his lover, and when they purchased the SG Corp, they placed Stéphane in charge as Operating CEOs of the company in their absence.  Upon Dane’s request, Stéphane’s first act in his new post was to demote Laburnum back to the status of Callboy.   Stéphane took great joy in this.

He has remained with the SG Corp as it’s Operating CEO since, realizing that he no longer has the need to drift from place to place.  In fact, he has become quite find of finally having a place he can call home.

Powers and Paraphernalia:

Though one cannot call Stéphane’s inability to feel pain as a power, it is indeed a handy gift.  It also appears as though his skin is more resistant to physical damage than that of the average persons’, the degree to which is as yet untested.


While Stéphane’s main base of operations for the SG Corp is in Gateway City, he does on occasion tend to the affairs of the France division.  And though he takes his duties as Operating CEO very seriously, in large part out of his respect for Dane, he often still services certain regular clients, whom he has become particularly fond of.

People are either incredibly aroused or somewhat creeped out by Stéphane’s appearance.  This is likely due to some individual’s fear of clowns.  Stéphane is however a very gentle and kind person, with a very adventurous sexual nature and an exceptionally open mind.

5 thoughts on “Stéphane Sol

  1. I can honestly say that I adore this character alot. I’m not a big fan of clowns, but Stephane is different. His personality, colour scheme and with his ability to not feel pain, is genius. :)

  2. When is The Funhouse of Fornication scheduled for release? and who’s illustrating it?

  3. I can’t find this book in the store. Was its released?

  4. I love this character, he’s so different which is awsome in my book ^^
    I hope his book will be completed and released someday, then I’ll definately have to get it <3

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