The Initiation #2 wins a Gaybie!

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This morning we heard some great news… We were thrillled to hear from a little bird that The Initiation #2 had won the Best Gay Comic Gaybie Award! What an absolutley great way to start the week off!

The Initiation Book #2 wins Best Erotic Gay Comic Award!

It’s funny that this book should win an award when it almost didn’t even make it to print! When it was in development we weren’t sure if our readers would want to read a comic about regular guys, as opposed to superheroes, space-men and barbarians from mystical lands. Good thing that Patrick insisted!

Thank you so much to each and every reader who took the time to check out the TLA award page and selected The Initiation #2 as their favourite gay comic! There were plenty of great choices, and not all the books were ours!

For those of you who didn’t vote, we still love you! LOL! You can check out all the winners on the TLA Gaybie results page.

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