Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek Winners!

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Gear Up the Gay Comics Geek Winners!

Gear Up the Gay Comics Geek Winners!

Before announcing the winners, we have to say WOW! The support and enthusiasm for this event has been phenomenal. We want to extend the BIGGEST thanks to everyone who hear about the contest and got excited about Gearing up the Geek! Even if you didn’t send in a picture, you were still part of it if you’re reading this!

This wasn’t an easy contest to enter… You had to CREATE, not just put your name and address into an online form. We weren’t sure if many fans would be up to the task… But everyone is simply amazed by both the volume and insane quality of the entries we received! Simply put… GEEKS RULE!

Of course, the Gay Comic Geek and his YouTube judges, the folks at Fanboys of the Universe, and everyone at Class Comics had a HELL of a difficult time picking the top Naughty and top Nice costumes.

It was no easy task and you can bet that there was a ton of internal struggle, disagreements and a few minor fist fights. We would have loved to nominate ALL the entries as winners, but in the end, there can only be one Naughty and one Nice top costume. If you havn’t looked at all the entries, check out the gallery of entries!

Call us cruel, but we aren’t going to tell you who they were… That’s up to Paul in the video below.

But wait, there’s more! The second chance draw will be happening shortly, and EVERY person who entered will be rewarded by the end of the week. So if you sent in a creation please check your email on Friday!

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