ZAHN #2 Now Shipping!

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ZAHN #2 is now shipping from Class Comics. Art and Story by Patrick Fillion.

ZAHN #2 is hot off the press, and looks absolutely FANTASTIC!

The second issue of the hit series is nothing short of brilliant and finds the Son of Winter striving to save Varda, his beloved homeland from destruction.  Along the way, Zahn meets new friends, and begins to uncover answers concerning his elusive past.  But sometimes having answers to your questions can cause you more problems, and after visiting Zijnayu, a powerful seer, Zahn soon begins to wish he’d left well enough alone.

Patrick Fillion’s story is expertly woven and this issue is filled with mystery, intrigue and boner popping hotness.   Zahn and his studly pals are supremely gorgeous and Patrick’s art is simply stunning in this issue.  Golden Key’s beautiful colors brings every ripped muscle to perfect life and this superb second issue will leave you gasping for air and begging for more.

Zahn #2 is now available in print and as a Class Access Digital Edition.*

For more information on Zahn #2 and the Zahn series, check out our Zahn Title Page, where you’ll get a great series synopsis, character bios, preview pages of the comics and lots of cool, free goodies!

*Please note that the digital edition of Zahn #2 has the exact same content as the printed edition .

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