Boytoon Adventures is now available as a digital comic!

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Boytoon Adventures was just way too big to be put out as one digital comic! We had to split it into two, but then fill each one with extra goodies! The two together come to a whopping 135 pages!

Unless you bought the Boytoon Adventures Trade Paperback, you have never seen our dudes like this! Under the pen name of Bryce Peters, Patrick has put together six awesome stories for this collection, and continues to create more!

So download a copy of Boytoon Adventures #1 Part 1 with Zahn, Cam, Zack, Topher and Mako and Boytoon Adventures #1 Part 2 with Diablo, Ghost Boy, Locus, Captain Jung, Disco, Flamer and the Bryce Peters Sketchbook or snap up a copy of the printed version of Boytoon Adventures!

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about then check out the Boytoons Adventure Mini Site for everything from character studies to animated webisodes!

3 thoughts on “Boytoon Adventures is now available as a digital comic!

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