The Bigger Picture Contest!

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Class Comics Bigger Picture Contest

We’ve been talking about our comics and how they are often passed by as just porn. Well we’re sick and tired of it! We’ve decided that it’s time to take it to the streets and fight back! Hopefully you will support our cause!

Sure our Boytoons have big units… but they’re so much more than that!  They’re about falling in love for the first time. They’re about the hardships of coming out. They’re about adventure and escapism. They’re about self-discovery. They’re about being minorities. They’re about the celebration of being gay and embracing who they are with pride. They’re about you!

Now it’s one thing for us to say this, but what we really want is to have the world hear it from you!

Your challenge: Tell us how Class Comics has rocked your world!

Has a particular storyline ever rang true with you?
Does a particular character remind you of yourself?
Have you ever shared our comics with someone else and why?
Have you ever learned something about yourself from a storyline?
Has one of our comics altered your life in some way?
Have we ever helped give you the courage to be yourself?
What does Class Comics mean to you beyond a quick wank?

It’s really easy to enter: Just post your thoughts to ANY of the following places!

On this Page in the Comments area below!
On our Class Comics Facebook Page!
Send us a note on Twitter @classcomics with the hashtag #CLASSBP!

Your reward: A Patrick Fillion Original and $100 while helping us share our Bigger Picture!

Grand Prize: A Patrick Fillion original ink drawing of one of his Class Comics characters of your choice and a $100 Class Comics Gift Certificate. To be awarded to the entry that knocks our socks off. (Sorry for not being more specific!)

Luck of the Draw Prizes: We will randomly award a $100 Class Comics gift Certificate to one entry from each of the three places you can enter once the contest is over.

You rock our world!
Cheers to you all, Patrick and Fraser!

The fine print:
In entering the Bigger Picture contest you allow Class Comics to reproduce your comments along with your initials, twitter, or tumblr user-name. Class Comics reserves the right to decline or remove any entry at any time. All decisions are final and not subject to review. The contest is open to everyone aged 18 or over as of January 25th 2012. The contest closes on March 31st 2012.

40 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture Contest!

  1. I have always loved comic books, and of course, being gay, I love the male form-the comics I have bought from Class Comics are absolutely the BEST that I have found! I have recommended the site to several of my friends, and they have agreed and bought also!
    Thank you so much for your great product!

  2. Hi Guys,

    I think my favorite character is Dane from the “Satisfaction Guaranteed” Series. He is so hot and willing to do nearly everything, yet he does it because he trusts his emotions and stretches his limits to trust people he has never met. In Book 1 he lets his dick get injected with a viagra-like juice. Then he lets the clients shave his hard body (except for his pits). And then they spend hours abusing his ass with toys before one of them swallows his cock down to the root and allow him to cum. If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know another way to make my own sex life more exciting. Dane is non-judgmental and enjoys sex (and love) with guys no matter how they look or treat him. Yes!!! Thanks for not hurting him. He’s really one of my heroes.


  3. Gay comics like Class Comics, though highly erotic and sensual, mean far more to me than mere erotica. Class Comics represent the fulfillment of a lifelong dream in which the adventurous, dramatic and comedic stories from traditional comics are centered on the lives of gay men like myself. It is supremely fulfilling to read engaging stories set in sci-fi and comic book worlds where the handsome hero gets the guy instead of the girl!

    It is exciting to experience the Class Comics universe of gay heroes and villains not just because they are gay, or even because they’re hot. The excitement comes from the witty, humorous dialogue, the often compelling stories and the deep, intriguing characters. At times, I become so involved in the stories and the exquisitely detailed artwork, I momentarily forget the erotic element altogether! From NJ’s struggle to live with and control his powers to Cam’s painful search for other survivors of his own race, Class Comics stories capture my imagination and remind me why I love comics. Thank you!

  4. Class Comics goes beyond pure porn (at which it excels sublimely) into a realm of excitement and adventure. I buy your comic books because I have become invested in the characters. I want to know more about the exciting lives they lead and the adventures they discover (or the adventures that discover them).

    Although I was drawn in (no pun intended) from the start by the sexiness and allure of characters like Camili-Cat and Naked Justice, I was enthralled to learn more about their origins. As you revealed more and more about them, I saw greater depths within them, which made them so much more than just objects of lust. They were complex and fully-realized individuals, which made me want to learn more and more about them.

    Then you introduced us to Porky. Suddenly on the pages of your comic books was a character I could truly relate to. He didn’t have the body of a god like most of your other creations. I saw myself, as horny and willing to engage in sex as I was at his age, and able to get what I wanted even though I didn’t have the perfect gay body. Of course, I wasn’t gifted with superpowers like Porky was, but I could still see a shimmering reflection of myself in the original Porky and that made me feel proud and happy. Thank you for that.

  5. Class Comics are the only comics I can relate to, the character I relate to the most is Cam. Reading about Cam and his adventures helped me to embrace my sexuality and become comfortable with who I am. While I was in high school it wasn’t the easiest time of my life, but being able to go home and read my Class Comics was my escape. I would just fall into the worlds that Patrick created. To me Class Comic characters are more then just hard bodies with huge cocks, more then heroes with super powers, they helped me to accept myself through the stories created by Patrick. Thank you Patrick!

  6. the Camili-Cat story line is one of my favorites he has to go trough the struggles of being him, is he the last of his kind, and can he find true love, traveling with his friends getting in trouble along the way, the emotions he goes trough and to use his sexuality help to get out of jams or to make real passion, his daring charm is one of the many reason i love Camili-cat his just the best!

  7. Class Comics! Thanks for being a true inspiration to comic lovers everywhere. finally a comic worthy of gay cartoon stud heroes and villans. I wish they had these type of comics growing up as a kid. Well im still a kid lol 31 going to be 32 in March but I’ve always enjoyed gay erotic stories and now am obsessed with your gay comic superheroes. I love the diversity and humor as well as love stoires and adventures all of your comics take me on. Ive enjoyed reading your comics over and over again. I first ordered the big load and ever since im hooked to get the next new release. I really enjoyed the hard cover illustrations you had a nd got those too. I tip my hat off to patrick and frasier for seeeting the new standard in gay erotic comics. I don’t think any one could top them with creativity and imagination. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Im always looking forward to a new gay erotic adventure. Have a great new year boys and keep up the fantastic work both in illustrations and storylines. Bravo!! Sincerely, Charles Matanane 31 Escondido, CA

  8. Class Comics and Patrick Fillion provide something which is unique in the genre of gay erotica, even by other gay artists’ standards. Not only do they offer us erotic drawings, but a whole universe of exciting characters that we get to know slowly, so they begin to feel like friends to us. The world of Class Comics is vast, and there’s something to cater for everyone’s fantasy: whether it be Zahn, Cam, NJ, Lost Kingdom, Long Road to the Beach, Sworn or Brothers to Dragons. Not only are the drawings sexy and erotic, but also well crafted and executed without any hint of self-consciousness, truly honest portrayls of guys having fun together. CC and PF have done more for Gay Liberation in the last few years than anyone I can think of, and to my gay friends who like comics I will always recommend the two sites. Keep up the excellent work and standards of artistry, writing and storylines.
    Ian, Croydon, LONDON, UK.
    PS – I love Ghostboy in particular, something so wonderful about the way he is drawn!

  9. I think it is great to see powerful gay characters, yes it can be and is erotic but it is more about the story, the idea, and the power of being a gay character in a comic who is both powerful and sexual. I honestly think it covers more of a human element by showing the sexual side, and there are all kinds of sex in the comics. i find them highly entertaining and look forward to reading them whenever i get the chance. Thank you so much class comics for everything you do.

  10. Class Comics has actually changed my life. Being a curious web surfer, I have been to hundreds of sites. As others I’m sure, have learned not just the beautiful artwork (which indeed it is truely ART). The storey lines seem to speak a truth, a realism which made me understand it was OK to Gay. I have bought almost all your digital downloads and the basic truths with each storey inspired me to understand my sexualty. I guess I can be described as Bi but that seems to be fading to the gay side. The male art form has awaken a side of me to long denied. thanks Patrick

  11. Has a particular storyline ever rang true with you?
    I came out to my mother in 2005, 4 years after my father died. I started to read Classcomic in 2008 and just felt more sure about my sexuality and the storyline that I really cared for was Cam’s. Losing loved ones is really hard and I relate to Camili-Cat’s search for survival. Until you lose someone close its hard to understand what it feels like to be alone. First time I shared the comics was with a gay friend I gave a couple of comics to cheer him up, His boyfriend is hospitalized because of depression and such. My friend was happy to get it and gave me a hard hug. Although I really hope his lover gets well so they can share the comics. Something I have learned through my reading in the comics is that homosexuality is not a weakness. FIrst time I heard about gay and male and male love was when I was 12 on a tv-show, since then my graps on the subject has only grown. By reading gay comics it only confirms that it dosen’t matter who love but what you do that counts. It has helped me be more open about who I am, through my art and my view on the world. I am still shy, but that has always been there. Class Comics and specially Patrick’s art has helped my to express my fantasy in art making. Sure its nice to just view the images that the whole gang behind it has done. But for me its a teaching book on how to paint and draw muscular inhuman and human beings. Witch I hope will continue for a long time cause I love it and its gives me a big smile each time I manage to bring an empty paper to life and meaning, like you guys!

  12. Hey there,
    As for me, the absolute interest in my favourite Patrick Fillion’s artwork is its unreality.  It helps to demonstrate the origin of sexual power, its primal and magical way. And the characters who remind of some real people, like clowns, vikings or others help to translate it on a simple art language.
    Stephane kinda reminds me of myself because of his dark sense of humor and the same funny part of sex/sexual life, which this character combines with the dark magic and dark side of circus and theater.
    I shared your great comics with my boyfriend, hoping to wake up his sexual fantasy. I must confess, it helped.
    Thanks to the comics of Patrick I began to draw boys and men myself, trying to shift the point of interest from sex to magical and metaphysical side of gay relationship. In my series two boys make a strange and dangerous journey in the post-atomic mythological world. It required some courage [or what?] from me to begin drawing men instead of birds, which I am used to. And the comics helped me to encourage myself. Thats why the Class Comics mean to me much more than porn, but the inspiration, an example of how free and open the drawing can be.
    Thank you so much,
    Moscow, Russia

  13. I follow a few of the story lines. Porky and Tug Harder are my 2 favorites. I’ve always loved anime. When I found Class I was very … excited let’s just say. ;)

    Thanks for the great art!

  14. I picture myself as the hot diablo, because I am muscled and have piercings. No matter if he has a different colour or a tail. It makes me accept all kind of people and no one is better than the other. I can dream of all the lust and adventures but always realize that the big love is here for me at home!

  15. I love your comics! You are the HOTTEST artist I have ever seen! I love the way you draw musculature, and I also love your idea of how penises are drawn. You guys are AMAZING! I just wish that I could find it in my favorite comic book store (Captain Lou’s Comics & More). But I do love your website, especially your new artwork. I have also done some artwork myself, and would love to show it to you, but I admit to being a little intimidated by you and your peers’ work. Maybe someday. Sincerely, Ron Sproul

  16. Love your comics from the first time I found them. I love reading them and staring at them. It’s not just about there big cocks, though that’s doesn’t suck (no pun intended), its about them being out in the open and there confidence. I look at them embracing who and what they are and who they are with and what they went through to find themselves and each other and am honestly envious. I find myself looking at them and trying to be more like them and act as if I had a 10” dick.

    I am particularly fond of Camili Cat, cause like me, he’s a bottom and loves it. He doesn’t hid the fact that I love cock, and I my confidence has grown since reading the comics both in my sex life and in other ways.

    I just love you guys and what you do, keep it up!

  17. The comics i got are great when i look at them it reminds me of my self in way and the pics i picture me and my friend instead and i means more than a quick wank cause it show that there are people aut there that are like us who want us to be who we are and it makes me want to be more open about myself and i have shared the comics with my friend cause i want to see if it will change him in some way

  18. Simply it’s the fact that there is an outlet for us as gay people to enjoy art that trully speaks to us directly. What young gay boy hasn’t read a traditional comic book growing up and imagined what it would be like to fight crime as a super hero. Now we get to enjoy on the page what we were only ever able to imagine in our mind. A super hero that has gone through the struggles that we as gay men have gone through with self acceptance and any other hardships that come with the journey of life. We can see trully fantastic comic characters come through those struggles with power, dignity, and even humor. This in turn shows the strength the each of us as gay people have and illustrates that we are not second class citizens. Thank you Patrick.

  19. Class Comics, and in particular the art of Patrick Fillion and Jacob Mott, inspired me to attempt drawing homoerotic art. Meeting Patrick, and being to some degree both befriended and mentored by him, has been an honor and an enormous source of joy (joy nearly as enormous as the dick on one of Patrick’s uber-hung heroes). This might not seem so world-rockin’ to YOU, but it sure has been to me.

  20. I’m 21 and I’ve been enjoying the series since I’ve opened myself enough to buy the comics a few years ago, and since then I’ve come to take in my sexual prefrence as a mere aspect rather then a defining attribute that controls my life. When I see these characters about they are guys first and homosexuals second to me. Sure they show off and may be forward at times, but that’s because they find themselves and they’re sexuality so basic and on the level of a fact around others that to them it’s a natual part of life; it’s what’s normal. You can look at them and think ,” that’s a real man. He just happens to enjoy other men,” instead of some feminine prissy girl sterotypes I normally would be reduced to see and think as to what I should strive for if it hadn’t been for this comic and I thank the characters for inspiring that in me. I feel as free to go about life and be just as much of a man as I can yet also as open about what’s in my heart as these guy do with clothing. Just as I’ve always wanted my supermen, and can finally have.

    What’s great to me about Ghost Boy or Naked justice is that they can show off. Why? Because they’re free to do so without fear of condescension or judgment of it. Even behind a mask they can love eachother with frank desired passion up front to the world and daily kick evil’s ass in the same moment as much as people think of a straight man can. It’s everything I hope for in life. I used to be a kid that when my peers pointed out ‘hot girls’ to me I just nodded my head. These days I’m comfortable enough to say ,” She’s not my type.” why’s that they ask ,” well for one, she has a vagina.” and they actually laugh at the pun. WE actaully laugh together, move on, and continue becoming friends as if me being gay is nothing to them now. In worst cases I use my humor to their worry and say,” Oh don’t worry guy, I’m only attracted to good looking guys.” and There’s an uproar of ‘oh SNAP’ greating me. I couldn’t have learned better to be this lifted from the burden of hidding this part of me if it hadn’t been for these heros who presented a reality that could accept them for all that they are and continue to do what all gay men hope to achieve. Which is to beat down baddies, save the world, and get the guy.

  21. class comics have given a gay friend of mine HOPE. and a lot of fun and a social outlet . thanks Patrick.

  22. It goes without saying that Class Comics are hot to look at (and who hasn’t wanted to know what Superman and Batman get up to in their free time) Hotness aside… they are also beautiful artwork so it doesn’t feel like classic ‘porn’ – I’m quite happy bringing them out for friends to see, both straight and gay.

    Firstly there’s the shock factor… they weren’t expecting some of those story lines (!!) but in the end they also feel quite confident skimming the pages. Class Comics are, I guess… classy!

    Camili Cat is my favourite – to me he’s one of the more innocent and ‘tortured souls’ of the characters and yet he always comes out smiling.

    Thanks guys!

  23. I discovered Patrick Fillion’s artwork by accident about a decade ago. I was on a thumbnail gallery post website for naughty material and clicked on a link that was mislabeled. It took me to some site that had a few of Fillion’s wonderful drawings posted, complete with the name of his original website ( at the bottom of said pics. I went to his site and couldn’t quit perusing his artwork. Before that episode, I don’t think I had ever considered looking at anything other than hetero porn. So I guess you could say that Fillion’s work “converted” me! ;-) Although only partially, as I consider myself bi.

    From that time onward, I’ve had girlfriends — and boyfriends. And for the former, I’ve made it clear to them that THIS is a part of who I am. (And when I say “THIS,” I mean THIS website.) For those ladies who can’t handle it? Goodbye.

    I think the character that I dig the most is Cam, partly because he was one of the first Fillion characters I encountered and partly because he’s bi. I know the latter causes heartburn for some Class Comics fans, but I love it. For obvious reasons. But I also find compelling the way that Cam and Felicia have maintained a largely platonic relationship. (I say “largely” because I think I’ve seen panels from back in the day when they were an item.) I think that dynamic has served the series well, as Cam needs someone who can be a real friend to him, someone who’s not looking to bed him like everyone else is.

    Mr. Fillion, thanks for Cam and Class Comics and for opening my eyes to an aspect of myself that I didn’t know existed until I came across your magnificent work.

  24. Yeah, Class Comics is simply amazing! Patrick has a blessed imagination, huge talent. He knows how to hit directly our several fetishes.

    G-man: you said in the previous post that Class Comics is the Marvel of gay comics, i totally agree XD

    I fucking love u, Patrick. XOXO

  25. I’ve been following Patrick’s comics for years. Being an aspiring artist, and a man who loves men, I couldn’t get enough of his early drawings of C. Cat. All that aside, the thing I admire most about Class Comics, actually isn’t the comics, but the “class”. Having been in contact with several professional artist over the years, I’ve found that with most of them, if you’re not paying them, or kissing their asses, they don’t have the time of day for you. But the people at Class have never been anything less than cordial. They also seems to find the time to respond to my email, offering encouragement and advbise whenever possible. Last year I sent out new years greeting to everyone in my email contacts, including Patrick, though not really thinking much of it. He was the only one to respond, and assured me that it would be a great year. It’s that kind of attitude I think that makes Class special.

  26. I’ve always loved superhero comics. being a gay man, there’s something extremely intriguing for me about muscle men in skin-tight uniforms. XD

    I first saw Naked Justice as a book on an online store. living in a country where homosexuality is considered a grave sin, I couldn’t buy it for fear the book might be intercepted and create problem. so glad I stumbled upon the classcomics website. I was super excited when the comics were finally available in .PDF format, because that means I can buy, then download and enjoy them without any fear.

    thanx a lot!!!

  27. I bought a whole slew of Class Comics for my boyfriend and I to try and spice up our relationship after it hit a bit of a lull. I had been a fan for years, seeing bits posted on forums, and checking out the Class Comics artists on sites like y-gallery. My boyfriend blushed and got a nice bulge going when he unwrapped my rather unconventional Christmas present, but we never read the comics together, or used them as a “spice it up” method, like I had hoped.

    I did end up reading all of them myself, though. It was nice to get lost in the whims and fantasies of the characters. And though I’m definitely not as well-endowed with them, I related with them in other ways… I am a nature lover and shark fanatic, so Mako Finn really connected with me on that level. I was always scared of hurting others with my sexuality/odd personality, and that’s how I really connected with Naked Justice.

    It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but these comics have given me confidence and courage to move forward in my life. I’m not scared to take chances, and I don’t worry about what others think when I stand up for what I think is right.

    I think it would be amazing to be sketched by Patrick someday, though I know that dream is a little farfetched (though I would have at least gotten to meet him if I had gone to Bent Con this year.)

    Now that my partner has parted ways with me, I look to the men of Class Comics for strength, endurance and the will to keep on fighting. It’s so hard when you love somebody so much, when you build a life with someone, and then it all just crashed down on top of you… But I will move on, and things will get better. I’ll still be myself and the things I believe in won’t change. I just hope that I can continue forward with as much conviction and determination as the Guardians of the Cube.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Hope you have someone special to share it with.

  28. I’ve been a fan of Camili cat since my highschool years (early-mid 2000’s). Being a good christian boy at the time, I always felt guilty looking at gay porn and yaoi, but the gay pervert in me wouldn’t let me stop lol. Camili cat helped me with accepting myself due to the way his story was told. I’m a huge comic book fan, and come from a line of comic nerds lol. There was always a new issue of X-men, Teen Titans, Spawn, Witchblade etc to read in the house because my mom and aunt were giant nerds lol. The ‘super hero comic’ format is what initially attracted me to him. The fact that Camili Cat actually had a personality and a backstory, and motives made me want to continue reading and research Patrick more (and thank god, I found Naked Justice.) After getting to know the characters more, it was nice to know that being homosexual isn’t an abomination, these people are just like everyone else (well, with super powers and being from a different world, but that’s a bonus.) Class comics to this day has some of my favorite characters because there’s nothing better than gay super hero porn. But most of all, the characters did help me embrace my sexual side, and give me enough courage to make my own character to embody my sexuality. I drew this picture of him and Camili Cat the other day, and didn’t realize this contest was going on until today, so what a great coincidence :)

  29. Ciao! I am writing from Milano, Italy.
    First of all many compliments to yoru website and to your Work: your drawings and the stories are simply amazing!
    Actually I used to draw myself comincs similar to yorus with as carachters the beautiful and sexy guys that I met ;-) they would always have similar stories as yours…I think the exposure of their sex and their arrogance is probably what makes we want them to be punished etc.
    My favorite carachter is naked justice, he’s just perfect…Actually I met a couple of guys in my life that could have been him! Beautiful body and face but also smart and intelligent. I love him!
    I hope that I can get the original Patrick drawing!

    All the Best


  30. Class comics is the pinnacle of my best childhood friend’s dream to cartoon for a living. I have loved the characters since some of them were brand-new and innocent. Now that they are so much more mature, I can see they bring so much joy and fun to people’s lives, and I am so proud of my friend. Good for you for living your dream. XOXOXO.

  31. Uh, first comment from a girl ? Well, let’s tell our story ! ^^

    I always had a special relationship with comics because when I was a kid, I didn’t have a TV at home until I was 10 years old. I used to read a lot of books and comics and even when I got a TV, it wasn’t such a familiar object. So the first erotic pictures I’ve seen and enjoyed -yeah I mean in *that* dirty way- were from my parent’s not so well hidden comic books of Manara for example, or just erotic scenes that you could find here and there in European sci-fi and fantasy comics. Y’know, when you’re an eleven or twelve years old kid with a lot of imagination half a panel of two characters allegedly having sex is enough to dream for a month ! XD

    So I guess comics and illustrations will always remain my favorite way to have erotic pictures because let’s face it it’s so much more exciting than real life ! And this is what I like about Class Comics, the fact that there are no limits, everything can happen in these universes, you are not restrained by the characters ; no actor in a porn movie could shoot liters of cum without looking ridiculous. It’s bringing the pure joys of comic books to porn, and alternating hardcore scenes of Locus being destroyed and raped by a dozen villains while his urethra is brutally tortured -and the little bastard really enjoys that, oooh bad boy !- with cute scenes like “I love you my Camili, fuck me tenderly” and well, you can do whatever you want because it’s comics.

    I realized recently one thing that I really miss about porn is characters that actually have a real personality, a background. Not so much but a little bit is always interesting. (That’s why fangirls and boy write fanfictions about their favorite shows, because porn is much better when you already have at least a bit of affection for the characters.) At Class Comics you always make sure to develop a plot that will reveal the characters personalities to fill all of those hot bodies ! So it’s nice to know who’s cheeky, who’s dominant, who’s slutty, who will be able to bravely handle the riskiest situations -hey I’m still a girl, I just can’t get over the scene where badass Felicia helped Cam with her big strap-on ! ^^- So you actually love these babes and want to know what will happen to them next. They are not just your usual stud you watch in a video and forget when you close your browser.

    Finally, one thing that I particularly love are your sci-fi and heroic fantasy titles because well… these ARE fantasies ! I mean, two characters fucking on a couch or a bed, uh… thanks but I can have it at home. I love that comics like those of Patrick and Logan for example show incredible situations that could never happen. That’s the purpose of fantasies. Fucking in a spaceship, with a super-hero, in the depths of a jungle or with a demon, now that’s interesting ! Getting fucked by cocks that have the size of an elephant’s trunk with no bad consequences, what else could you ask for ? ^^

    Ok, ok I should stop babbling now but one last little thing I must say I enjoy a lot as a girl is that in Class Comics’ sagas women are still a bit there -well that wouldn’t be realistic at all otherwise- and if they’re sexy they are not sexualized so it’s nice to have strong characters such as Darque or Felicia who are not just here as foils for the heroes. It might not be voluntary but the female characters you create are kind of inspiring and I enjoy going through these worlds where women are dressed up and men are naked. Pure heaven ! *lol*

    So thanks to all of you guys for sharing your artworks with us, you’re one of the best entertainments a guy/girl/whatever could have ! ;) XOXO

  32. Patrick & Co.,
    I love the comics! I love the art!! I LOVE TO SEE WHERE YOUR CO. HAS GROW’IN TO!!! CONGRADULATIONS!

  33. Love these comics its everything you would want a comic to be great storyline, hot action, and an awesome world of fantasy that you can let your imagination roam free. Class Comics best idea ever!

  34. Hola, soy español. Lo interesante de estas historias esque son muy eroticas y sexys a la vez. Mi histrioria esque descubri estos comics,por paginas eroticas y me gustaron,las ilustracines y todo lo que tenia.Nunca he tenido en mis manos los comics estos, pero si que es cierto que me he descardado algunas secuelas como porki y Satisfaction Guaranteed , por internet y me han gustado.Que yo sepa tengo algun personaje que me cuerda a mi por ejemplo: naked Justice, porque tiene perilla igual que yo,(de verdad ). ajajajjajaaj. Pero no soy peli naranja.jajajajjaj.Para mi el comic de class comics para sacar una paja rapida creo que es todos. Porque son sexys y se corren mucho.Ajajajajaja. Es como pelicula porno gay pero en version animada y eso esta bien ideado , ademas salen tipos de tios musculosos y alguno como porky o Deimos que tienen leather osea cuero. y eso a mi me gusta .

    Bueno tambien estaria doblar algunos comicis en español o sacar alguna pelicula en dvd con voces y ect, de estas historias porno, asi me enteraria mejor
    que pasa en la historias. Jjajaajjajajjajaj

    adios y cuidaros mucho

  35. I’m an older Gay Man, a baby boomer as it were, I was not a child into comics but rather literature, opera, broadway mucicals etc.. I was an original Gay Libber, fighting for queers in Southern California. I was also a ‘leather’ and ‘Big Boy Sex’ child of the seventies. So when I discovered CLASSIC COMICS I was home. A newer, scifi/fanatasy take on the old ‘Tom of Finland’ images. I love the graphic images of queer sex, with the cocks and piercings that we wish we would find outside our doorstep. You do not have to be young to cum to these comic treasures. And the other baby boomers with whom I’ve shared my purchases agree.


  37. For me, Class Comics mean several things-first and foremost they are about leading the field in comic books that feature and promote gay characters and the use of erotic art plays an extremely important part in promoting a positive images about gay men and sex-what a difference it would have made for me to have had access to these images as a teenager! When I think of Class Comics I think of excitement and inspiration-these books are serious fun-taking superhero imagery to it’s logical conclusion as gay art, the stories have full and interesting narratives, with real characters and offer great variety. As a reader that dabbles in art, the range of artists used by Class provides great inspiration and that brings me to what I think is one of the most important things about Class Comics; not only do they make great comics but they actively promote and nurture new artists, giving them a platform and forum to truly express themselves as gay artists. The personal contact and visible care that Patrick and Fraser put into Class Comics just add, I think to the whole ‘Class Comics’ experience and give us the perfect environment to celebrate ourselves and our sexuality in the most vivid and life affirming manner.

  38. Hey Guys :D
    I’ll try my best to answer the one or other question (in my bad english…sorry for that ^^”)
    Yes, I share my class comics with my girlfriend, because its fun read this cool stuff together. Laugh together, be sad together and get horny together *g*. She said I’m addicted to the comics we have. I like the humanity of the characters. They make mistakes like we do, they love, they hate and they have problems like everyone on this world. I love that no one of them is perfect. Everyone has his (or her) quirk. Never give up! This is what I learned from my heroes. Even if we are on the bottom of our life. There is still a way out of this! Class comics are a world of fantastic guys, with nice bodys and suspenseful stories about love, hatred, friendship and so much more! I’m happy when they are happy in the story, sad when they are sad. Their feelings assign itself to the reader. I really hope you’ll make this fantastic worlds for a looong looong time!
    Greetings and kisses, Oni Vega / Nic :D

  39. Class Comics has had a profound influence on my life. From Zahn, who presented to the world the ultimate a gay barbarian fantasy, to Ghost Boy who deals with having an gay super hero persona he must hide from his parents, there are so many thing to relate to and fantasies about day after day on Class.
    I have to say it was the inspiration and friendliness of the Class Comics team that really helped motivate me in recent years. I was lost in a depressed state. Then I started to commission artists. This lead to me meeting the sweet folks at Class Comics, men who I idolized and adored. It was their encouragement and kindness that helped guide me to find a real purpose in life. I was driven by the passion I saw in their comics and characters to create my own creations with artists to share with the world. When some of the art I commissioned was shown on Class Comics website it was one of the single most happy and exciting moments of my life. It gave me the courage and desire to come out to some of my friends and share with them all I had been working in secret. I could finally show them who I really was and no longer had to hide the true me.
    For years I have had so many great adventures with artists as we explored the cast of Class Comics!
    Through Class Comics I learned to explore my own sexuality better and to explore new and exciting ideas. Ha ha ha, Class taught me how sexy a Centaur could be. ;P The forbidden passion between Cadet and Strider was so passionate I found myself creating a cast of Centaur characters myself. There’s more to these guys then just the cocks. They are interesting characters that live in a world we all wish would could, but even paradise is not perfect. These guys all deal with very real issues all gay men can relate too, making them compelling characters indeed.

  40. Hi guys,
    i am a 18 years old boy from Myanmar a small developing country where things are still changing Class comic books are like every gay boy’s dreams.Beautiful,Wonderful,Classy,Cool and Hotttt….Every story is connected and is not loosely written.The story line is strong. As I can’t afford to buy class comic books…i downloaded some preview pics from internet…lol…but I say to myself ,am I allowed to buy these gay porn books??Certainly not…my homophobic dad will kill me….but i ‘ve decided to buy it when I am able to earn my own money…..I’ll live in well-known foreign countries like America or England..I don’t know where to go yet but i have it in mind cause my parents and relatives are too controlling…Like class comic book characters….I want freedom…i want to live on my own…i want to do whatever i want like camili cat ,he is too expressing himself and I love him so much.He is just like me….When I first saw him..I was like thrilled….Ohh My Godd……I’ve got to buy that book….why these comics are telling about the same story that is happening to every young gay boy….my dreams are fading because of homophobic society…but when I read class comic previews……my dreams are lightened…..I want to be just like them ……like Cam and Diablo.One day I will be able to get out of this hell hole..I’ll be able to control my own life….I’ll be whatever I want to be……you’re beautiful like gay comic characters…there’s nothing wrong with being gay cuz you were born with it…my eyes are even watery cuz these books encourages me to be myself…..First time I dont have the courage to change my hair color…when I saw class comic characters i wanted to be like them so i decided to color my hair like Stephane sol…..Thank you class comic previews…..u changed my life………

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