HOT Summer Wishes!

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[iframe src=”” width=”500″ height=”698″]

To all our fans… We hope that you’re summer is as awesome as Locus’ is!

Enjoy the heat, and stay tooned ’cause we’re just warming up — we’ve got a ton of awesome stuff coming your way this Summer!

All the best, from the entire CLASS COMICS team!

Hot Summer Wishes from Locus and CLASS COMICS!


13 thoughts on “HOT Summer Wishes!

  1. It can’t be saved………….

  2. @Marty

    If you right click on the image and select “view background image” (I’m using FireFox) it will show the first picture in a new window. In the html bar you can see the title of the picture; change the 1 to a 2 and you get the next one and so on. :)

  3. I did something like that and found a hidden image Evan! O__O WOW!

  4. This is a really sweet image guys. So hot! Locus is shooting the wrong gun eh? XD I wish I could see something like this happen in real life!

  5. Locus is too cute!! love it :D

  6. Hi Marty, we’ve made one that’s animated and that you can save! You can get it from our Tumblr page:


  7. Very hot image(s)! Any chance of a wallpaper(s) of it? Cheers.

  8. Love this summer image! Locus looks adorable in that summers scene, thanks so much for creating this!

    A great summer to you too guys!

  9. Thanks so much Arkid43. Your kind words are greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful Summer! :D

  10. Hi Tom,

    Glad you enjoyed the Locus Postcard. As for wallpaper of it, if you’re signed up to our monthly Class Newsletter, you should have received one already. Otherwise, it’s quite possible that we’ll make some available here on the site later this summer. Stay tooned! :D

  11. Thanks so much, Leon. So pleased you enjoyed the Locus Postcard. We appreciate the kind words, buddy! XD

  12. Hey Dinosaurprince…

    Thanks for the kind words! Really glad you liked the Locus Postcard. Yeah — this would be VERY HOT in real life! LOL! Lemme know if you ever hear of a beach where stuff like this happens — I am SO THERE! LOL! Cheers! XD

  13. Hi Evan…

    Thanks for the instructions on how people can save the images. :D I’m sure many folks appreciated it! Have a great Summer! XD

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