The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY #1 – Cover Reveal!

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Hello everyone… Patrick Fillion here.

I hope you’re sitting down, because Fraser and I have a very special announcement to make today — and I know for a fact that this will make you supremely happy!

Of course you all know the incredible JACOB MOTT! The man is one HELLOVA gifted artist and he’s brought many of the Class Comics core characters to life in the past few years. We all know that he’s a fabulous artist, but maybe some of you didn’t know that he’s also a really gifted writer and story creator in his own right!

Maybe you’ve looked up Jacob’s work on the net and have come across Lawsuit, a majorly HOT and dashing crime-fighter,  and his deliciously sexy side-kick, T-Boy. Both of these gorgeous characters are original creations of Jacob’s, and already super popular with his fans.

Drum roll, please! We are so proud — SO PROUD — to announce that Jacob’s first incredible solo title “The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY” is coming to Class Comics this Fall.

I hate to be a great big tease, but that’s all I’m gonna say for now because we’re preparing to bring you a huge issue #1 sneak preview in the weeks to come… but we had to leave you with a little eye candy to whet your appetite. And so, we give you the official cover for Jacob Mott’s The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY #1!

Enjoy… and stay tooned for that sneak preview! You will NOT wanna miss this one!

“The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY” book #1 – the official cover. This brand new series is written and illustrated by JACOB MOTT! Coming Fall 2014 to Class Comics.


8 thoughts on “The Adventures of LAWSUIT and T-BOY #1 – Cover Reveal!

  1. Amazing cover-This is the one I’ve been waiting for! Beyond excited! Can’t wait…

  2. Oh god. Yes.

  3. I wanted to see much! Had awaited!
    I’m very excited!

  4. Hi OOSHIMAN!!

    So happy you’re excited about The Adventures of Lawsuit and T-Boy #1. It’s gonna be a GREAT issue! We’ll keep you guys posted on release dates!

    Thanks so much!
    Patrick :D

  5. LOL! Glad you’re looking forward to The Adventures of Lawsuit and T-Boy #1 Jonathan! Thanks for the enthusiasm!! :D

    Patrick :D

  6. Hello Bob…

    Really thrilled you’re so excited about The Adventures of Lawsuit and T-Boy #1. Jacob did an AMAZING job on the first issue, and it’ll be out shortly, so stay tooned.

    All the best,
    Patrick :D

  7. I’ll surely preview this on my site The Prim and Lovely Dude, guys! As a new Affiliate of Classic Comics, I’m thrilled by the great work done here. Just keep it coming!

  8. Hello Clay…

    WONDERFUL!! Thanks so much for the awesome word of mouth and for all your enthusiasm! It’s greatly appreciated. We absolutely LOVE the fun you’re having sharing Class Comics artwork with your followers — it’s really great to see! Thanks again so much for everything. :D

    All the very best,
    Patrick + Fraser :D

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