A Class Comics Christmas!

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The Holiday Season is a time for giving, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with A CLASS COMICS CHRISTMAS — our gift to you this Christmas! Download it for FREE and enjoy!

A Class Comics Christmas!
Just click the cover above to download “A Class Comics Christmas Digital Edition” to your computer or tablet for FREE!

Over the years, Class Comic has created so much fun and sexy Christmas-themed art, that we decided to collect it all together in one exciting Holiday Special. With art by JACOB MOTT, LOGAN, LEON DE LEON, GOLDEN KEY and PATRICK FILLION, and featuring your favorite Class Comics Hunks, this is one Christmas Present you won’t wanna miss.

This wonderful Yule Tide Treasure collects all of the Christmas STRIPSHOW episodes, past and present, and includes the fan favorite “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” starring TRIP and GLOW WORM.

It also features the brand new 2014 CHRISTMAS STRIPSHOW featuring the boys from BEAUTIFUL DEAD entitled “Beautiful Christmas” !  Hayden decides to give Gage  a very special gift at this most wonderful time of the year. Both of these wonderful little comics are written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Jacob Mott.

The Christmas Season makes us so giddy, and we’re just thrilled to present to you this lovely collection which includes our sexiest and most beautiful Holiday art. And the best part is that you can get it no matter if you’ve been nice OR naughty. Unlike Santa, we don’t discriminate and want you to have this little gem no matter how bad you’ve been!

This 26-page bundle of Holiday Cheer is bound to help keep you warm on those cold Winter nights! So download and enjoy A CLASS COMICS CHRISTMAS!

We hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

Patrick & Fraser




P.S. Santa sent a coupon code of HOHOHO for  The Naughty Comic Shop to save 20 PERCENT off your order until Dec 26th!


DEIMOS is looking particularly hard and alluring this Christmas… why not download these lovely wallpaper designs and have him heat up your computer screen? Who could resist that devilish smile? Just RIGHT CLICK, download and enjoy!

Holiday Deimos Widescreen Wallpaper -- 1680 x 1050
Holiday Deimos Widescreen Wallpaper — 1680 x 1050
Holiday Deimos Widescreen Wallpaper -- 1280 x 1024
Holiday Deimos Widescreen Wallpaper — 1280 x 1024


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  2. Thank=you and Merry Christmas

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  4. Super sexy Christmas to you guys!!!

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  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys

  7. What a lovely moment!. Merry Christmax and Happy New year.

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