The New HOT CHOCOLATE is here!

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In 2006, publisher Bruno Gmünder released a hardcover art book entitled HOT CHOCOLATE, collecting some of Patrick Fillion’s BLACK INCHES MAGAZINE artwork. Now, we’re thrilled to release a digital, GREATLY EXPANDED digital version of HOT CHOCOLATE, stuffed with more big, beautiful, black muscular bodies and throbbing cocks than ever!

Hot Chocolate Digital Edition

With over 90 pages of gorgeous art focused on the beauty of black men, this incredible collection compiles a ton of Patrick’s BLACK INCHES artwork and also includes some newer pieces as well.

You might be surprised to learn that Class Comics’ superstar SPACE CADET was first conceived by Patrick as a pinup hunk for the magazine. You may also be interested to learn that were it not for a gentle shove by artist Glen Hanson, Patrick might never have worked for BLACK INCHES MAGAZINE at all.


All of this and more is discussed in this collection, with an introduction by Patrick himself, describing his time with the magazine, as well as his thoughts on the work he created for those classic glossy pages.

With over-sized phalluses, rock-hard abs and massive biceps, Patrick has conjured amazing mythic men for our enjoyment. Dedicated to the beauty and power of the black man, HOT CHOCOLATEis a superb collection, celebrating an important chapter in Patrick’s artistic history. No Fillion Fan will want to be without — This is one title you will not want to miss.

Hot Chocolate The EXPANDED Digital Edition
HOT CHOCOLATE the New Expanded Digital Edition is now available from Class Comics and contains nearly 100 pages of PATRICK FILLION’S classical BLACK INCHES MAGAZINE artwork.

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