2015: Year of the CADET!

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The New Year’s gonna be BIG for Byron Durand, the super sexy SPACE CADET! Our heroic hunk has two great new comics on the way, and both will be available thiS Spring.

First up will be the highly anticipated SPACE CADET #3, written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by David Cantero. This issue concludes the Space Cadet mini series in a big, and we mean BIG way. Without giving away any crucial plot points, let’s just say that this third volume leaves Byron changed in a fundamental way.

Space Cadet #3
SPACE CADET, GOLDEN BOY, BULLET and EMIL star in the up-coming SPACE CADET #3, written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by David Cantero. SPACE CADET #3 will be available SPRING 2015 from CLASS COMICS.

In SPACE CADET #3, we’re gonna see a more assertive Byron. He’s feeling a little more sure about himself and his powers, and even though he and his new pal GOLDEN BOY have been betrayed and fallen into a trap, he’s ready to do what it takes to save the day.

Look for Byron’s father, the incredibly sexy DILF EMIL to show his sensual side. You’ll be surprised at the hard body and big cut dick that lie under all that brainpower and intelligence.

The issue also brings closure to the STRIDER/VALLAN plot line, something a lot of readers have been looking forward to since SPACE CADET#1 came out back in 2010. While familiar faces receive their long-overdue day in the sun, Byron makes an important new ally in BULLET, a fast-talking adventurer with aligning interests. And let’s face it, our hero will need all the friends he can get when he finally comes up against the grotesque CASCABEL and a slew of other enemies with ties to the conniving BOARIS CHAPELLE.

David Cantero returns as the artist on this amazing issue, and delivers some of the hottest action, and raunchiest sex scenes of his career. His lines continue to impress and delight as he brings SPACE CADET and his pals to action-packed life in this nut-blowing final mini series chapter.

Space Cadet: Void
Patrick Fillion writes and illustrates an all-new SPACE CADET Mini Comic entitled “VOID”. SPACE CADET: VOID will be released SPRING 2015 from CLASS COMICS in digital format.

Immediately following SPACE CADET #3, prepare yourselves for an all-new, all Patrick Fillion SPACE CADET mini comic entitled “VOID”. 

SPACE CADET: VOID begins moments after the end of  book #3, as a strange presence “calls” out to Byron. It’s a summons he can’t ignore, and soon our young hero finds himself in a bizarre and surreal conflict with a presence definitely not of this world. This “VOID” cannot survive without SPACE CADET, and the lascivious dance is on. Can Byron’s enhanced powers help him battle this outlandish being, or are those very powers what has drawn this entity to him?

Fans of Fillion’s Cadet will revel in this Class Access Mini Comic as the creator of SPACE CADET goes all out drawing his mouthwatering chocolate hero in all of his glorious, muscular and massively hung, err… GLORY!

We’ll keep you posted with official release dates and bring you more previews as they become available. In the meantime — HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2015 is gonna ROCK for SPACE CADET and his fans!

4 thoughts on “2015: Year of the CADET!

  1. Can´t wait ;D

  2. SPACE CADET has become one of my favorite characters – GHOSTBOY is still my major heart throb. I hope you can resolve all of the plot lines and various costumes that Space Cadet has sported with these two issues, and provide for future adventures. What happened to boyfriend Demery? And which costume is his uniform – the one with cock hanging out, and the other in his very tiny blue bikini? Golden Boy seems like a good guy – BTW would like to see what his costume looks like in a full rear view. Enjoy your work and imagination – and keep the print copies of your comics coming – for those of us who like reading materials in our bedstands!

  3. Thanks so much, forensic Anthropology!

    Both Space Cadet #3 and Space Cadet: VOID will be out very soon! Hopefully, we won’t keep you waiting very long! ;)

    All the best,
    Patrick + Fraser :D

  4. Hello Erik Austin…

    Thanks so much for the awesome comment. It’s hugely appreciated.

    All good questions — Right now, Space Cadet’s official costume is the one with the white and blue jacket and the tiny blue bikini… But you know, Byron is one of those characters who seems like mixing it up often… So we’ll see how long he keeps this look for! LOL!

    You will find out what happened to Demery in an up-coming story line… it’s going to involve DEVILHOUND too… Mwah-HA! HA! ;)

    The back of Golden Boy’s costume — that’s a cool request. We’ll have to show that at some point for sure!

    So glad you like Space Cadet so much. And we love the printed comics too… we’ll keep on making them available in print as long as possible! :D

    Thanks again for the wonderful comment! All the very best to ya!
    Patrick + Fraser :)

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