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Do you know what happened April 17 2008? Paul Charles joined YouTube and The Gay Comic Geek was born.

The Gay Comic Geek, aka GCG, is a fantastic example of what happens when you share your enthusiasm for what thrills you, regardless of how silly it is to others. Paul oozes enthusiasm for all things that combine GAY and COMICS and GEEKYNESS… and we love him for it.

He had us from his very first review of a Class Comics title. From being carefull not to give away too much of the plot, not being too descriptive of the sex, carefully holding his hand over the cover’s giant schlongs, and wonderfully mis-pronouncing character names*… we knew he was awesomesauce without a shirt on.

It hasn’t always been easy for him however. We’d love to show you his early videos, but YouTube has pulled most of them down. In fact every few months there would be a new hater that took aim at our friendly neighbourhood Gay Comic Geek. In case you didn’t know, YouTube comments are not always the nicest.

No. It hasn’t always been easy sharing his enthusiasm openly, and recently, Paul LOST HIS JOB for being The Gay Comic Geek. That’s right, he’s been fired for sharing what he loves. He was unexpectedly dismissed on a “morality” clause in his contract, which makes us sick to our stomach.

Fear not however… this story will eventually have a happy ending. Paul is a superhero and no matter how bad things get, they always win in the end. But for now, it’s a pretty rough time for Paul. But you can help because today is your chance to help out a superhero!

There’s an online fundraiser to help get him over this hurdle and any small amount is appreciated! There’s a good chance that you discovered naughty comics because of one of Paul’s videos.

Thanks so much for even considering helping him out!
Patrick and Fraser

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The Gay Comic Geek Needs Your Support

*To his credit, who came up with names like Deimos, Azagoth and Fillion?

4 thoughts on “The Gay Comic Geek needs your help!

  1. Pretty sad that someone lost employment for legal activities and gets small donations. When a pizza resturant owner stated they would blatantly discriminate and gets $500,000 in donations. And they wonder why LGBT fights religious fanatics so much for equal treatment. Hang in there I’m donating to the gay comic geek.

  2. Helping out my Flickr bud, because YOU ARE my superhero!!!

  3. I’m confused. If Paul is still on YouTube, what exactly was he fired from? No, I’m not an idiot. Im obviously missing something here. Anyway, this totally pisses me off. I’m a poor guy, but any (serious) suggested donation amounts? Thx

  4. What a crappy story. So unfair.
    Maybe we can all help to give it a happy ending. I pledged to Paul’s Patreon at
    Paul is a great evangelist for great gay comics. I hope he never stops doing what he does!

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