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So you think you know DEIMOS? Think again!

The very first issue of Class Comics SECRET DOSSIER is here and this volume is all about the TARO DEMON! The Deimos SECRET DOSSIER #1 covers everything from his earliest origins to his future adventures!

This incredible first volume is PACKED with DEIMOS goodness! And the cover (as well as an ultra-hot interior spread) is by the incredible ALBRON! YUMMY!! DEIMOS in the 3D flesh… what could be better than that?

SECRET DOSSIER #1 explores every inch of DEIMOS and reveals his most cherished secrets. Hell, some of this stuff, WE didn’t even know. His supporting cast is explored at length, and chewy, delicious factoids about our hunky, purple wall of hairy muscle adorn every page.

Plus, all that mouthwatering information comes with a hefty side of stunning artwork by a veritable army of incredible artists. This book isn’t just in-depth — it’s a visual feast for the eyes!

SECRET DOSSIER #1 also includes rare NEVER BEFORE SEEN artwork, classic illustrations from the DEIMOS series and titles, and unveils sneak peeks at DEIMOS adventures still to come.

And did we mention that boner-inducing 3D DEIMOS “in the flesh” by Albron on the cover? Yeah. You can’t call yourself a DEIMOS fan without the SECRET DOSSIER #1 in your collection. Sell your soul for it if you must, but be sure to grab this fantastic book today!

SECRET DOSSIER #1 featuring DEIMOS is now available from Class Comics. Get your copy today as a Class Access Easy PDF comic digital edition.
SECRET DOSSIER #1 featuring DEIMOS is now available from Class Comics. Get your copy today as a Class Access Easy PDF comic digital edition.

6 thoughts on “SECRET DOSSIER #1 featuring DEIMOS is HERE!

  1. Love that 3D style. I would appreciate to see more hunks like Mako Finn, Naked Justice and hottie Flame in 3D.

  2. Wow! That cover looks like a statue! I would definitely buy Class Comics statues that’s for sure :)

  3. Hi Sean…

    Glad you like how Deimos looks done by the awesome ALBRON! He does look absolutely beautiful, that’s fer sure. :D And hey, if we ever make toys or figures based on our characters, you can be sure we’ll let you all know.

    Thanks for writing. Have a wonderful day!

    Patrick + Fraser :D

  4. Hello CrhisD…

    So happy you enjoy Deimos in Albron’s beautiful 3D rendered style. And don’t you worry — more hunks are coming. This issue of Secret Dossier is only the first. We have many others planned. :) Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Have a great day!!

    Patrick + Fraser :D

  5. Fantastic artwork, truly amazing. Strangely Deimos (front cover) looks eerily like real life Steve G***d the LBGT “country” music star. Can’t wait to see more of this. Beautiful.

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