The first 5 STICKY GRAPHIC NOVELS are here!

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Class Comics is PROUD to announce that the FIRST FIVE STICKY GRAPHIC NOVELS are here and NOW AVAILABLE for purchase in digital comic format.

Get your hands on  FAST FRIENDS with art by Michael Broderick, GREEK LOVE with art by Adam Graphite,Pardners with art by Bo Revel, PEACOCK PUNKS with art by Mauro Mariotti and Janos Janecki, and TUCKERED with art by Janos Janecki.

Class Comics has partnered up with Dale Lazarov to bring you his massive collection of Sticky Graphic Novels in digital format. Sticky Graphic Novels are a collection of silent, sexy graphic novels and mini-comics illustrated by a host of talented artists. They feature a variety of different men and offer something for every taste. They’re massive graphic novels (unless otherwise noted) that bring you wordless stories that allow you to immerse yourself in the romance, the sensuality, the sexuality and the sheer hotness expertly depicted on every page.

Long-time Class Comics digital customers will note the price difference between Class Comics titles and Sticky Graphic Novels. This is due to the page count of Sticky Graphic Novels each being around 60 pages of art! Mini Comics such as “Pardners“are the same price as our own Mini Comics.

You can find Dale Lazarov on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and almost any other social media zone out there! Five more STICKY GRAPHIC NOVELS titles will be released by September, so stay tooned!

Sticky Graphic Novels
The first five STICKY GRAPHIC NOVELS are now available as digital comic editions from Class Comics.






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