Four MORE Sticky Graphic Novels to enjoy!

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We’re thrilled to release a new set of Sticky Graphic Novels for you to enjoy… just in time for the week-end. This diverse release features art by five different artists!

The Welcome-Back Fuck” is a mini-comic by Dale Lazarov & Drub about a ska musician who returns from an extended tour to be welcomed home by his skinhead boyfriend. They make up for lost time starting at the airport parking lot…

Everybody’s Doin’ It” shows gay men connect in any number of surprising places…and with unexpected outcomes! With art by alt-comix’s memoirist Jason A. Quest and script by Dale Lazarov.

Intimacy” shows the uncounted ways in which a diversity of gay men express their intimacy with each other. Written and edited by Dale Lazarov and drawn and colored by Martin Chan.

In “Second Chances“, the high school jock and the art class rebel find they’re still attracted to each other when they meet again at their high school class reunion… Script and art direction by Dale Lazarov, linework by Foxy Andy, colors by William O. Tyler.

Welcome Back Fuck

Everybody's Doin' It

Second Chances



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