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So you think you know ZAHN? Think again! The highly anticipated second issue of Class Comics SECRET DOSSIER is here and this volume is all about the SON OF WINTER! The ZAHN SECRET DOSSIER covers everything from his earliest origins to his future adventures!

This incredible volume is PACKED with ZAHN goodness! And the cover (as well as an ultra-hot interior spread) is by the incredible ALBRON! BREATHTAKING!! ZAHN in the 3D flesh… what could be better than that?

SECRET DOSSIER #2 explores every inch of ZAHN and unveils secrets from his past, and explores the true nature of our hero’s purpose in the great land of VARDA. His supporting cast is explored at length, and chewy, delicious factoids about our hunky, muscular barbarian dreamboat adorn every page.

Plus, all that mouthwatering information comes with a hefty side of stunning artwork by a veritable army of incredible artists. This book isn’t just in-depth — it’s a visual feast for the eyes!


SECRET DOSSIER #2 also includes rare NEVER BEFORE SEEN artwork, classic illustrations from the ZAHN series and titles, and unveils sneak peeks at ZAHN adventures still to come.

And did we mention that boner-inducing 3D ZAHN “in the flesh” by Albron on the cover? Yeah. You can’t call yourself a ZAHN fan without the SECRET DOSSIER #2 in your collection. Missing this incredible issue would be nothing short of BARBARIC! Get your copy today along with the Deimos Secret Dossier!

Secret Dossier #2
SECRET DOSSIER #2 featuring ZAHN is now available from Class Comics.
SECRET DOSSIER #2 featuring ZAHN is now available from Class Comics.



2 thoughts on “SECRET DOSSIER #2 featuring ZAHN is HERE!

  1. WOW and more WOW. these dossiers are amazing. will they ever be available in the printed formats?

  2. Agree with matthew – will these be made available in print format? Action figures? :) Can’t wait for DIABLO!!!!

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