The Adventures of LINK! Now available!

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The Adventures of LINK – created by HvH – now available from CLASS COMICS.

From the pages of Freshmen Magazine come The Adventures of Link! Created by HvH, these comics were gloriously published in glossy full color on the last page of Freshen Magazine from 2007 to 2009. They were an exciting and playful way to finish enjoying a monthly spread of hot men and made you look forward to the next month’s delivery!

The Adventures of Link is a collection of 23 self-contained stories that all fit together in a grand story arc that you’ll have to read to believe… because there’s nothing that doesn’t happen to Link! It all starts when Link, former sidekick to Darkchain, does a “tell all” interview on a late night television show with host Dick Day. From there, Link flies into all sorts of naked sex-filled adventures to save the great city of Queeropolis!

Link’s adventures are out of this world! An Intergalactic Alien Orgy Invitation! Anatomically correct fifty-foot robots! Secret Origins Revealed! Sex with an Ex – Who’s not even alive! A sexual vacation through a Portal to a planet of men who need men! Buff bank robbers who rob banks in the buff! Evil clones with voracious sexual appetites! Heroically Hung Aliens! World domination and destruction! A trip to heaven! A prehistoric pervert un-iced! The huge secret that ties all these events together! A monumental battle to save the entire earth!

And of course… true love! And MORE! REALLY! Link is one busy young hero!

This 44 page collection wouldn’t be complete without a word from HvH about the series and an awesome bonus gallery with pencils, roughs, early designs and unfinished pages!

The Adventures of Link is now available exclusively as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Edition.

The Adventures of LINK

The Adventures of LINK
The Adventures of LINK – created by HvH – now available from CLASS COMICS.

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  1. Will Crash Course two be available in print again soon if so put me down for a copy … it would have been added with my last two orders but, now out of stock … hopefully available soon ???!!!
    Keep well and warm and enjoy
    Walter ORourke

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