Sneak Peek at SCARED STIFF book one.

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The Fall Season is upon us, and we at Class Comics have a slew of fantastic new comics headed your way. Today, we give you your very first sneak peek at Michael Broderick’s and R. Tyler’s up-coming SCARED STIFF #1.

SCARED STIFF #1 has us extremely excited because it’s an amazing anthology of twisted tales of sex and the paranormal. Drawing inspiration from the classic “Tales from the Crypt” comics, as the cover suggests, SCARED STIFF features three creatively creepy stories filled with the strange and the horny. Together, Broderick and Tyler have concocted “3 bizarre tales of ass-thumping weirdness!”

The official front cover of SCARED STIFF #1. SCARED STIFF #1 created by M. Broderick and R. Tyler is coming October 2016 to Class Comics.

“Defiled” opens the book and transports us to a beautiful beach in Hawaii. Under the setting sun and the warm evening breeze, one particularly hunky but grouchy vacationer runs into an island deity and ends up having the wildest night of his life.

“Recent Acquisition” finds a museum security guard getting much more than he ever bargained for when he takes on the night shift. Who knew art could be so dangerous?

And lastly, the bizarre tale of “Kevin” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should probably never pick up hitch-hikers, no matter how blond and sexy he may be.

Michael’s illustrations are exquisite and he expertly changes the visual flavor of every story, giving each chapter its own unique feel. Those familiar with his work will no doubt recognize Michael’s beautiful drawings from the Sticky Graphic Novel “FAST FRIENDS” which he illustrated. Michael also contributed three amazing pieces for the Class Comics “HEROES IN PERIL” Meaty Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Meanwhile, you’ll be thrilled to learn that SCARED STIFF #1 is coming your way this October, just in time for Halloween. What better way to celebrate the season than with this fantastic new tome of pervertedly twisted tales? Truly the scariest thing about SCARED STIFF is how bloody good it is!

To see more of Michael Broderick’s beautiful artwork, check out his website HOTTLEAD. Enjoy this very special Sneak Peek and stay tooned because we’ll let you know as soon as SCARED STIFF #1 is up for grabs. It will be available in both print and digital comic formats.

SCARED STIFF #1 is coming October 2016 to Class Comics. SCARED STIFF #1 created by M. Broderick and R. Tyler.

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at SCARED STIFF book one.

  1. What an awesome concept! LOVE THIS! Thanks for bringing this to us. Looks amazing. :)

  2. What? Not available for pre-order? Sure would make our lives easier.

  3. havent been able to buy any products from the site cause of finacial difficulties.. I wish I cloud continue to support andgive feedback on the new ~stiff~ things coming. But it has to wait indeffinately.
    Much Love John.

  4. Hi K-Nova.

    Thanks for the great comment — so happy you love the look of SCARED STIFF! Michael Broderick and R. Tyler have done an absolutely superb job with this comic. We think you guys will really love it!

    Have a great day — Patrick + Fraser :D

  5. Hello Boomer…

    Thanks for commenting. We used to offer pre-orders, but since our printer situation has changed, we can’t do so with any real degree of certainty anymore because we can’t guarantee delivery date of the comics. Our books are printed across the country and we don’t want you guys having to wait indefinitely for your books. So we feel it’s better to make them available once we have them here and in stock.

    In any case, SCARED STIFF comes out today, so the wait for this title is over. :D

    Thanks again.
    Patrick + Fraser :)

  6. Hi John…

    Thank you for the comment. We’re very sorry to hear about your situation, and we hope things get better for you soon. We wish you all the very best and want you to know that your support and encouragement has always been much appreciated.

    Take care and thank you again.
    Patrick + Fraser :)

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