Class Comics is THRILLED to announce that LOST FANTASY HERO VS ZAHN, written by ICEMAN BLUE, is here and available in Print and Digital comic formats!

What do you get when an evil DRAGON LORD turns his sights to other realms to find for an advantage in his own personal war? An impressive mash-up of massive muscles and heroically-proportioned cocks, that’s what!

Ripped from the world of Varda, ZAHN is pulled into the realm of the LOST FANTASY HERO, where he is at a distinct disadvantage. Everything is so strange and unfamiliar to him, and getting back to Varda will mean working with JAMES, the hero of the land.

The trouble is, James doesn’t particularly like Zahn, and though the two are forced to work together, their relationship is anything but friendly. Still, united they will face bizarre and dangerous obstacles, as the ultimate goal is to get Zahn the Hell back to his home land and out of James’ hair.

Written and illustrated by Iceman Blue (Camili-Cat: Mounted), this incredible team-up event is the PERFECT way to kick off the Class Comics SUMMER 2017 season! Filled with humor and drenched in jizz, this massive, amazing 30-page adventure proves that opposites don’t necessarily always attract — Heck, they may not even like each other — but they can still fuck the tar out of one another!

LOST FANTASY HERO VS ZAHN #1 is available in digital format as a Class Access Easy PDF and in Printed comic format as well. Both editions contain the complete story by Iceman Blue and also include three all-new pieces by Patrick Fillion, the creator of Zahn. NOT to be missed!

For more of ICEMAN BLUE’s comics and artwork, visit his website! 


ICEMAN BLUE’s LOST FANTASY HERO v ZAHN comic comes to Class Comics. Written and illustrated by ICEMAN BLUE, this amazing one-shot title is now available in both printed comic and digital comic formats.


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