STAR CROSSED #1 is here!

Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of STAR CROSSED #1, the first issue in an all-new SCI-FI, XXX, adventure-fantasy series!

Written by PATRICK FILLION and magnificently illustrated by ALEXANDER (Ridehard, Super Hung)STAR CROSSED #1 finally gives CAPTAIN JUNG, FLAMER, DISCO and LOCUS a title of their own!

FLAMER has been sent on a crucial mission, and time is of the essence.

Posing as a human sex slave for DEKKOR, a Tolarian warlord, the hunky blond bounty hunter must infiltrate Dekkor’s stronghold and locate a very important item. The survival of an entire species depends on it!

Flamer’s mission becomes even more complicated when Dekkor’s beefy twin sons, EZZET and KRUEG apprehend LOCUS, Flamer’s backup.

The three hung Tolarians are fascinated by Flamer and Locus, and much of our two hero’s crucial mission minutes will be spent with big blue cocks up their asses!

Jung and his team may be on an errand of mercy, but they have no idea about the mortal danger this act of kindness will place them in.

Bright, beautiful, breathtaking, boner-popping art by the legendary ALEXANDER and a quick-paced, cum-drenched script by FILLION will leave you eagerly anticipating the next issue!

Captain Jung and his crew shine in their inaugural outing! STAR CROSSED #1 Includes a beautiful gallery of character pinups as well as two bonus STAR CROSSED episodes, leading up to this amazing first adventure. Available exclusively as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic.


STAR CROSSED #1 is now available as a Class Access Easy PDF digital comic from CLASS COMICS. Written by Patrick Fillion. Illustrated by Alexander. “In Space, No One Can Hear You CREAM!”



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