JOX: TREASURE HUNTER #5 is now available!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the fifth issue of JOX: Treasure Hunter by Cray!

In the world of JOX: Treasure Hunter, one very important rule must never be ignored: Never, EVER let your guard down! So what do Jox and his sidekick BLITZ do after an uneventful visit to a local market? You guessed it!

Now their carelessness has landed them in the sights of REIWULF, and he’s determined to capture these Treasure Hunters.

Reiwulf may be under orders to capture Jox and return him to his mysterious employer, but he has his own plans for the ginger-haired Elf. Reiwulf strips a subdues Jox! Cocks stiffen, asses are stuffed and the jizz flies!

But has Reiwulf now let his own guard down? Soon, a band of ravenous Orcs arrives and pounces onto the trio like ointment on a bad rash, and Jox may pay the price for Reiwulf’s carelessness with his own ass…or his life!

Amidst the grunting and grinding, all is perhaps not lost as Reiwulf unveils a startling secret that may well regain him the upper hand against these horny Orcs.

Written and illustrated by Tom Cray, JOX #5 is available as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic, exclusively from Class Comics. May sure you’ve read JOX #1, JOX #2, JOX #3, and JOX #4 before you read JOX #5!


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