The fourth issue of the BRIGAYDE is here at last! It’s available in Print, Digital and Deluxe Digital editions! 

Get ready for balls to the wall ACTION! On the eve of the elections for Mayor of Gateway City, the odious Abner Filigree sets the next, deadly phase of his dastardly plans in motion, thereby revealing another distrubring dark aspect to his character.

Naked Justice, Bullet, Red Velvet and Devilhound are on the hunt for Jon Dazy who is wanted by the authorities in connection with the Sashay Meadows Retirement Home blaze. Deserpate to make his escape, Jon enlists the help of a long time friend, the bizarre super-powered Gingerbread Man.

While Jon runs, Ginger doesn’t hold back and keeps our heroes busy. And yet, not all members of the Brigayde want the same thing, and Devilhound’s illicit affair with Jon Dazy will finally place him in a precarious position.

Across town, Doc Solando must negotiate with Anne Levin, the current Mayor of the city. Solando hopes to convince her that Devilhound is not a public threat, but Levin has other topics on their meeting’s agenda!

A late morning brunch turns deadly for one member of the Brigayde who has become a target of Reverend Freely and his zealots. Meanwhile, Golden Boy and Stephane deepen their budding friendship, and moments after a particularly pleasant morning fuck, Golden Boy’s reality is brought crashing down around him with the arrival of Gateway Police Officer Spot.

Will Golden Boy finally learn the truth about his treatment at the hands of the twisted Stick Man? All of this, plus a very special special guest star, and so much more. You have been warned — this is one insanely dramatic issue!

The Print Edition comes with a laminated Jizz-Proof cover!  The Standard Digital Edition contains the main story, and the Special Digital Edition also contains 34 amazing pages of special features, including a comprehensive “ROLL CALL” of all the characters in the Brigayde #4, pinups, behind the scenes sketches and so much more!


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