Sunny Victor’s PAYDAY #1 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to present Sunny Victor’s PAYDAY #1 as a Class Comics Digital Exclusive!

Like all of us, Adrian has a secret. It’s not that he’s an escort, or that he’s one of the top paid escorts in the world. He’s not ashamed of these things at all — he’s quite proud of them, actually. No, no. It’s the story of how he became the “Upscale A$$ for Hire” he is today!

He didn’t do it the conventional way, working the call boy corporate ladder, pleasing the boss, courting the customers, saving his tips, investing the secrets that he learned during late night pillow talk. Instead he used the oldest trick in the book. He lied. He pulled off a grand deception crafted to elevate him to an unbelievable level of desire before ever sleeping with a single client.

Now he’s willing to tell his story… to the right ear, for the right reason… and for the right price, of course. As fate would have it, the world renowned author, Julian Daniels, is looking for inspiration for his next book and he’s willing to pay Adrian a handsome sum for his lusty little secrets.

Written and illustrated by Sunny Victor, Payday #1 treats you to a glimpse into the life of the world’s highest paid escort! This oversize Class Access Digital Edition contains a whopping 30 story pages!

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