Why settle for big, when you can have HUGE?

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It’s our BIGGEST sale of the year! OOPS! We mean HUGEST sale of the year!

You can save 25 PERCENT on your order on TOP of any automatic quantity discounts that are built into our shopping cart! We already give 5, 10, or 15 percent off when you purchase 5, 10, or 15+ comics, but for the next four days, you can knock off an extra 25 percent with the coupon code CYBER !

You can use it to catch up on our 48 current high quality printed comics, get a hefty trade paperback, or explore any of our 252 amazing Class Access Digital Comics! Or maybe snag some awesome gear such as a Class Comics Fan Pins!

Just remember to use the coupon code CYBER before placing your order. It’s good until midnight on Monday Nov 26th! And for our American readers… Happy Thanksgiving from Class Comics! Don’t forget to stuff your turkey!

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