SUPER HUNG #3 is here in PRINT and DIGITAL!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of Super Hung #3 in both Print and Digital editions! It’s the third issue in a four-part comic series written and illustrated by Alexander.

As we kick off the third issue of “SUPER HUNG!”, the Masked Man continues to spread chaos and disarray throughout the city of San Francisco by enlisting the aid of a formidable new villain named the HORNY BEAST! Armed with an evil plan designed to entrap SUPER HUNK, the Horny Beast attacks the Old Street Bank.

Naturally, our hunky hero rushes into the fray, determined to get the situation under control and save the day. Aided by his new ally, the sexy but somewhat shifty ULTRA HUNK, the two intrepid adventurers will need to combine their might to down this remarkable new enemy. Brute strength alone won’t be enough, and soon the Horny Beast has our heroes hard and creaming for his dastardly pleasures.

Meanwhile, Lewis, Super Hunk’s handsome boyfriend continues to reel from his bizarrely threatening encounter with Ultra Hunk. He’s desperate to warn Super Hung, but finds it’s impossible to do so since Ultra Hunk has insinuated himself so completely into their lives. Fearing for his own safety, Lewis “goes into hiding”.

As if Super Hunk’s plate wasn’t already full enough, the freakin’ MEASURE MASTER pays him a surprise visit… a visit that will make it hard for our super-powered stud to comfortably sit for the next few weeks.

And still — STILL — the Masked Man continues to toil and assembles a veritable army of super baddies to… to what? Defeat our hero? Turn him over to the dark side? Get the name of his tailor, because let’s face it… the Masked Man could use a snappy costume upgrade! Only time will tell how this epic showdown on the Golden Gate Bridge will go down.

Written and illustrated by Alexander (Ridehard, Star Crossed), SUPER HUNG! #3 is an insanely horny thrill ride that will literally leave you panting for more. Don’t forget to check out Super Hung #1 in both Print and Digital Editions, and Super Hung #2 in both Print and Digital Editions!

Don’t forget to check out Super Hung #2
Don’t forget to check out Super Hung #1

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