GAY FOR SLAY #1 is here in PRINT and DIGITAL!

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Because YOU demanded it, ISAIAH SHADE gets his own full-length adventure in this all-new 24-page comic story written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION. First introduced in “Jacko’s Horny Halloween Tales”, ISAIAH made a huge impression with readers, who have been demanding for to see more of him ever since. GAY FOR SLAY #1 is available in a Print Edition, Deluxe Digital Edition, and a Standard Digital Edition!

The year is 1982. Through the sacrifice of his wife ABBY, sexy straight hunk ISAIAH SHADE finds himself newly imbued with tremendous mystical power which he now uses in his quest to save his spouse from Hell. But Isaiah’s mission proves infinitely more complicated as his biggest weapons are his perfectly chiseled body and his juicy uncut cock. And Lord knows, he has NO PROBLEM using these weapons.

Our hero makes his way to Cape Elizabeth in Maine where he meets a real estate agent named MR. FLORES. It seems that Flores has a property that’s in desperate need of cleansing — the sort of cleansing only Isaiah can provide.

Isaiah is pure catnip to demonic entities and he has no problem using his physical assets to lure them into the ultimate trap. Every defeated demon provides new information, and Isaiah hopes beyond hope that he’ll find a way to save his beloved.

But this time, Isaiah will face one of the most twisted souls history has ever produced making our young hero question his ability to succeed… and ESCAPE WITH HIS LIFE!
Further complicating matters, Isaiah’s beginning to realize he’s enjoying all the GAY SEX, and things get even more intense with the arrival of young DEIMOS.

Are the Taro Demon’s incubus powers influencing Isaiah, or are they simply awakening Isaiah’s own unexplored cravings?

This is Patrick Fillion’s first FULL COMIC in years, and it’s a DOOZY! Beautiful, stylish and intensely HOT, GAY FOR SLAY #1 will take you on an intimate ride with ISAIAH SHADE — a hero who’s desperately trying to do right by the one he loves while sorting out all of his lusty gay feelings and kicking evil’s ass.

Guest starring DEIMOS in his twenties, GAY FOR SLAY #1 holds many unexpected twists and surprises. It’s a tour de force you will NOT want to miss.

GAY FOR SLAY #1 is available as a limited a Print Edition. The FIRST 100 COPIES will be hand signed by PATRICK himself, making this an even greater collector’s item!

GAY FOR SLAY #1 is also available in TWO DIGITAL EDITIONS: choose from the Standard Digital Edition, which features the complete 24-page comic, or the Deluxe Digital Edition, which includes the full 24-page comic, a silent edition (art only) of the entire comic and a MASSIVE Special Features section, which includes line art, pinups and a veritable slew of other incredible goodies.

If you want to know more about Isaiah back story, make sure you read it in Jacko’s Horny Halloween Tales!

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