JOX: TREASURE HUNTER #6 is now available!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the sixth issue of JOX: Treasure Hunter by Cray!

Captured by the mysterious REIWULF, then claimed by double-dicked ORCS, JOX, our sexy hero, ends up as the very creamy filling in a triple dong fuck-wich, from which he can see no escape. The Orcs and Reiwulf all want the ginger elf for their own purposes.

On the one hand, if the ORCS can wrestle him from Reiwulf, Jox will end up as the tribe’s official cumdump. Not a bad prospect until you consider than just one Orc dick is roughly the size of a tree trunk! On the other hand, if Reiwulf wins him, then the best Jox can hope for is to be delivered into the probably very evil clutches of Rei’s super secret master!

Soon, the gooey “outCUM” is made very clear, and Jox comes face to face with a part of his past he believed long dead. Unless the studly elf can overcome his doubts and fears, he’ll live out the rest of his days in chains and sexual servitude with no hope in sight. PLUS: What the heck happened to BLITZ?!?!

Written and illustrated by Tom Cray, JOX #6 is available as a Class Access Easy PDF Digital Comic, exclusively from Class Comics, JOX #6 is 40 pages of fun featuring an all-new JOX adventure plus a fabulous 25-page BONUS FEATURES section filled with sketches, pinups, a silent edition and more!

Jox’s exploits are ALWAYS boner-inducing, and this latest installment is guaranteed to thrill fans and newcomers alike.  Make sure you’ve read JOX #1, JOX #2, JOX #3, JOX #4 and JOX #5, before you read JOX #6!

Make sure you’ve read JOX #1!
Make sure you’ve read JOX #2!
Make sure you’ve read JOX #3!
Make sure you’ve read JOX #4!
Make sure you’ve read JOX #5!
Now you can read JOX #6!

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