MAKO FINN #3 is here in PRINT and DIGITAL!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the long awaited third issue of Mako Finn! After the retirement of Jacob Mott, we knew right away that Alexander (SUPER HUNG!, STAR CROSSED and RIDEHARD) would be the perfect artist to continue the aquatic series… and were we ever right! MAKO FINN #3 is now available as a limited PRINT EDITION, a DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION and a STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION.

WARREN LIVES! Through their bond that transcends love and friendship, MAKO has felt it! But he’s also in mortal danger, and time is of the essence! In a desperate attempt to save their friend, Mako and the O.R.C.A team members prepare to embark on a perilous rescue mission.

However, as they ready to head out, their path is blocked by the mysterious VAYGAN, a strange elemental being with profound ties to the ocean. Vaygan is frustratingly unyielding, and soon his bizarre erotic energy envelops Mako, Akeno, Danny and Aubrey. All else is forgotten as time is frozen still and cocks rise to the occasion. Can the timely arrival of special guest star, SPACE CADET get this rescue mission back on track? Only if the young hero can avoid succumbing to Vaygan’s wiles… and, honestly… what are the odds of THAT?

Meanwhile, GRETCHEN, EMMET and TOBEY have their own hands full! Prisoners of the demented PIRANHA, theirs is a desperate struggle to survive. Gretchen has found her husband, but now reels in horror upon the realization that the Piranha has transformed the once handsome and hunky Warren into one of his sharkman hybrid monstrosities! Is there any part of Warren’s former self that survives within this towering creature that now seemingly obeys his once arch-nemesis.

As if all of this weren’t dramatic enough, Mako’s origins begin to reveal themselves as Vaygan opens our aquatic hero’s eyes to the deepest depths of his past. And what about the TEMPLETON TWINS? Don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about them!

Tensions run high in this incredible new issue of the acclaimed MAKO FINN series! Luckily, the cumshots fly and fly and FLY, bringing some much needed relief to our heroes and to readers alike as Mako and his team literally go from the frying pan into the fire! Fried fish, anyone? MAKO FINN #3 is available as a limited PRINT EDITION, a DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION and a STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION

The DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION contains a MASSIVE 63-page “Special Features” section which includes an interview with ALEXANDER, as well as a behind the scenes look at sketches, line art and unused artwork. It also features a gorgeous gallery of all the series characters, a covers gallery and some guest pinups by MAKO FINN creator, Patrick Fillion as well as a silent edition of the comic.

Written by Patrick Fillion, MAKO FINN #3 welcomes Alexander (SUPER HUNG!, STAR CROSSED and RIDEHARD) aboard as the new series artist. Prepare yourselves for a volume of unending action, mystery and scorching hot art and SEX that will definitely raise your sails! Before you jump into Mako Finn #3, make sure you’ve read Mako Finn #1, Mako Finn #2,and Hook-Ups #1!

Make sure you’ve read Mako Finn #1!
Make sure you’ve read Mako Finn #2!
Make sure you’ve read Hook-Ups #1!
Then read read Mako Finn #3!

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