Camili-Cat and Locus: Love Lost #2 is HERE!

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Class Comics is extremely proud to announce that Patrick Fillion’s “LOVE LOST” #2 is now available as a limited PRINT EDITION, a MONSTER DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION, and a STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION! It is the direct continuation and series amalgamation of both Camili-Cat: Love Lost #1 and Locus #1.

LOCUS just can’t seem to escape his homeworld, Sekta Prime! He and his new ally, BEEDAL, a former Captain of the Sektan Authority have come close to freedom, but just as they were breaking orbit, their vessel was shot down. Once again, they find themselves on the run.

Broke and desperate to buy a way off-world, Locus and Beedal enter a gambling tournament. Stripped, manhandled and pierced, somehow Locus ends up being the “buy-in”. Beedal is convinced that he can win, but should he lose, Locus will end up belonging to the worst kind of Gangster or Scoundrel. The trouble is, Beedal’s opposition isn’t playing fair, and underhanded cheating lands both of our Sektan heroes in serious peril!

Meanwhile, following an encounter with the evil DR. PUPAE, CAMILI-CAT believes LOCUS has died. After a failed attempt to clone his Sektan lover (LOVE LOST #1), Cam travels to planet Suktamimus to try and drown his sorrows in booze, drugs and tons of insane random sex with as many men as he can find. Eventually, the young Felinoid realizes the time has come to pay the piper. He turns himself over to NELVO PLOUR as payment for a considerable debt. Along the way, Cam meets PUMA, a fellow Felinoid within whose arms he can perhaps find a little comfort.

Just as Cam feels he’s hit rock bottom, he learns of a very important piece of news that reinvigorates his heart and sets him on a bold and monumentally dangerous mission.

The MONSTER DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION contains a MASSIVE 127 page “Special Features” section which includes so much great stuff! From behind the scenes looks at sketches, line art and unused artwork. It also features a gorgeous gallery of all the series characters, a covers gallery and pinups by guest creators & Patrick Fillion to as a silent edition of the comic and much much more! WOW!

Intensely sexual and steeped in emotional urgency, LOVE LOST #2 is the continuation of LOVE LOST #1 and the one-shot LOCUS #1. It’s lovingly written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion and an absolute MUST for any fan of Fillion’s work. LOVE LOST #2 proves once again that “the Stan Lee of Gay Comics” has created a diverse world of beautiful characters that are not only HOT as HELL, but also beautifully rounded individuals that readers can relate to as well as lust after. LOVE LOST #2 is SCI-FI SEX ROMP like no other!

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