The Last Merman #1 is here!

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Class Comics is thrilled to announce the release of the third issue in Sunny Victor’s Power Tops and Bottoms series! The Last Merman #1 puts a real twist in the series! We hope that you will enjoy this “tail!”

Zack, from Power Tops #1, returns to keep everyone safe at the beach! His day gets off to a rocky start when a pesky albatross steals his swim trunks, leaving him in an embarrassing predicament. Little did he know that his trunks were being given as a gift to the last Merman in the Pacific!

Tyde, a very cute, but very lonely Merman has spent many a day watching humans from afar, wondering what it would be like to get much closer to one of them. Wrasse, an overprotective friendly fish, has told him of all the dangers that humans represent and that he must never be seen.

When Zack saves a baby sea turtle, it melts Tyde’s heart. He risks everything and has the encounter he always wanted with a human. As their passions heat up, an unexpected development takes place and Tyde learns how adaptable his body is.

Just as everyone settles down into a beautiful, cross-species relationship full of passion and hot sex, a dark figure appears that changes everything and forces Tyde to make a difficult decision!

Full of blue skies, deep water, sexy lads, lots of jizz, and a very pretty Merman, The Last Merman #1 is a “Power Tops and Bottoms” tale, written and illustrated by Sunny Victor. You’ll want to have read Power Tops #1 before reading this!

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