Star Crossed #4 is HERE!

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Class Comics is extremely proud to announce that Star Crossed #4 is now available as a DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION and a STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION!

We’re also pleased to announce that this issue of Star Crossed will be available in print later this year! Class Comics is in the midst of relocating our studio. Because of this, we are suspending all printed comics until MID-SUMMER 2020, but after that, Star Crossed #4 will be made available in print as a standard comic!

Captain Jung has gone missing! Away on what seems to be a routine recon mission, Jung is apprehended, leading the rest of his crew to the conclusion that the life of their intrepid Captain is in serious jeopardy.

Flamer and Puma are dispatched to the Captain’s last known location. There they hope to find clues that will lead them to his whereabouts. Instead, what they find is a carefully planned ambush that’s meant to divide and conquer the crew of the Huntress.

An old foe, ravenous for revenge, spins a deceitful web of peril, and the young Bounty Hunters soon find themselves dangerously in over their heads and cut off from the rest of their shipmates. Disco, Locus, and Ezzet must rely on Four, the strange robotic Biologist that’s insinuated himself into their crew to rescue Flamer and Puma, while they attempt to locate Jung.

Meanwhile, Jung is incarcerated at the Onka IV Penal Colony, held there by a particularly mean Sivan jailer. While in captivity, the Captain recounts his origin story and we discover how he ended up leaving Earth and finding himself in deep space.

STAR CROSSED #4 also features an all-new bonus story written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion. “PUMA’S DAY” is a perfect example of the lengths Puma will go to in order to help his friends and teammates. In typical Fillion tradition, this 4-page bonus tale is brimming with gorgeous cocks dripping with space cream!

The DELUXE EDITION includes the all-new comic, the all-new bonus story as well as a MASSIVE 56 pages of amazing SPECIAL FEATURES that feature behind the scenes art, sketches, character designs, pinups and much more. Written by PATRICK FILLION and beautifully illustrated by ALEXANDER.

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