Power Drive #1 is HERE as a Class Access Digital Exclusive!

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Class Comics is extremely proud to announce that Sunny Victor’s Power Drive #1 is now available as a CLASS ACCESS DIGITAL EDITION! It’s the fourth issue in the Power series!

When Steve became a long haul trucker, he thought that there would surely be a King of the Road that he’d have to deal with. Instead, he discovered that he’s become part of an interstate love affair full of frisky daddies!

His favorite part of each run is the obligatory stop at the Papa Bear Diner and gas station. It’s where everyone stops to fill up their truck, their bellies, and release their pent up sexual energies accrued while edging their bulges mile after mile.

Fortunately, Al and Sam are there, eager to share their booth and recent sexual exploits with their newest colleague. After hearing about a particularly interesting Horny Hitchhiker, Steve hits the can for a long-needed leak.

When the door swings shut behind him, he realizes that he’ll be in there a lot longer than expected. When he does finally leave, exhausted and spent, he runs into Robb who’s brought a familiar boytoy along who’s eager to thank them for a ride.

Follow the open road and enjoy husky daddies, sleek otters, lots of jizz, and a very busy truck stop in Power Drive #1! It’s a 32 page “Power Tops and Bottoms” story with an 11 page gallery, written and illustrated by Sunny Victor.

While it’s not necessary, you might want to have read Power Bottoms #1, Power Tops #1 and The Last Merman #1 before reading Power Drive #1!

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