EXODUS #4 is now available IN PRINT!

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It’s HERE! We’re thrilled to announce that David Cantero’s Exodus #4 is now available IN PRINT as well as a DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION and a STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION!

When last we saw our heroes, Alcyoneus and Euribatos, they were in the clutches of an angry dragon, intent on avenging his fallen sister. In order to escape, Al casts an untested spell that whisks them from the dragon’s grasp, but transports them to Tarkann… so in other words, it lands them in even deeper shit!

In the Arena of the Duke of Tarkann, Euribatos awakens amongst strange new friends who must unite with him for a common goal: SURVIVAL! And while Euribatos and his newfound allies must face some of Tarkann’s most brutal, bloodthirsty gladiators, Al is busy getting fucked six ways to Sunday by the lascivious Duke himself.

Can Euribatos save his twink lover? Here’s a better question… Can Euribatos even save himself?! This time, the odds really are stacked against our heroic duo, and it will take great sacrifice to see them to victory and freedom!

Written and beautifully illustrated by DAVID CANTERO, EXODUS #4 is a breathtaking “sand and sword” adventure filled with nothing but beautiful, muscular men and overflowing with jizz and testosterone. It’s an incredible adventure that you will not wanna miss.

The DELUXE EDITION includes the all-new comic as well as 60 pages of amazing SPECIAL FEATURES such as behind the scenes art, sketches, character designs, pinups and much more.

“Tarkann” is now available IN PRINT, as a DELUXE DIGITAL EDITION and a STANDARD DIGITAL EDITION, but you’ll definitely want to have read Exodus #1, Exodus #2 and Exodus #3 before reading Exodus #4!

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